Arnold Schwarzenegger compares U.S. Capitol mob to Nazis


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More than a little over the top but his heart is in the right place.

trump may have to get to da choppa soon and he won’t be back.

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In his video, Schwarzenegger called Trump a failed leader and said he took solace that Trump’s presidency was coming to an end and “would soon be as irrelevant as an old tweet.”

I think most people take great solace in that.

Hasta la vista big baby.

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It's more like Cousin Arnold is taking solace in the fact that someone was an even more useless and reviled head of the executive branch of government than he was as Herr Gubenator. At least Maria had the decency to divorce him immediately after discovering his out of wedlock dalliance. Between him and Jesse Ventura you would think people would have learned not to vote for self aggrandizing showmen. Maybe the third time is the charm?

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“will go down in history as the worst president ever.”

Did he firebomb Tokyo, nuke Nagasaki and Hiroshima, illegally invade Iraq and kill 500000+ civilians? Use drones to murder?

trump’s crime is only that he taught white rednecks that they are white trash.

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Did he firebomb Tokyo, nuke Nagasaki and Hiroshima, illegally invade Iraq and kill 500000+ civilians? Use drones to murder?

And all those Presidents have that blood on their hands.

Nobody would dispute that.

But looking at 45 - Trump has exploited the hatreds in the US for his own gain.

Luckily, it has backfired. But the damage is done and it may be generations before the healing is done.

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What are trump fans going to do in response?

Bulk buy Van Damme DVDs? They can enjoy them with a big bowl of Goya beans.

Oh wait, twitter is down for the team. How will they know what they should do?

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AFAIK, social media platforms are not limited to any particular state, city or country.

And neither are right-wingers limited to the platforms they don't like. They can use any platform they want. Freedom is great!

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Arnold speaks truth - the spineless Repubs that enabled Trump should listen...and reflect...

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You can nitpick on Arnie for being a bit showbizzy and maybe over the top, but I thought he spoke from the heart, and from the head. And he made zero excuses for the members of his party who were Trump collaborationists, for who his contempt was palpable. Controlled anger like Arnie's is much more effective than the dummy spitting egotistic ranting we've heard from the soon-to-be former President, the "worst in history" as the one-time Republican Governor opines.

The music was a bit much, though. And the sword.

Make sure you watch the 7 minute version, not the abbreviated 3 minute one.

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Come with me if you want to live.

Now that would have been a quote to use, Arnie.

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There are still some people who blame Obama for 9/11. Arnie is far from stupid.

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OTT as many actors but at least one likable Republican. :)

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I've enjoyed watching Arnold stick it to Trump over the past four years.

Unlike Trump, pretty much everyone loves Arnie. Trump - universally hated, Arnie - universally loved.

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