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Arrested U.S. official in Pakistan is actually CIA contractor


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So what happened to the driver of the car? Not arrested it looks like. Does that mean Davis was arrested at the scene, but the driver escaped?

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Wouldn't want to be in this guy's shoes. In a Pakistani prison both locked up with and guarded by devout Muslims......

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Well, kiss this guy good-bye. Unless, of course, the US government does some serious wheeling and dealing (and Pakistan will want a LOT).

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Oh I think Obama will go in the other direction and turn the "a lot" they already get into "a little." If this guy gets held and tried for what amounts to political reasons to placate neanderthal Islamists then the best option would be to take away the resources Pakistan needs to fight them. The message? If you want to grant them that kind of power within your country then you're on your own.

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'GJDailleult' the guy got arrested because he stayed to take pictures of the carnage he had done. Plus the guys he killed never approached his car, they were following him but, still Davis did not have a valid reason to empty nearly 20 bullets into them.

Having a diplomatic passport does not make one a diplomat. The person should also have a valid diplomatic visa issued by the host country on it to be able claim immunity. Which in this case Davis here does not have.

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CNC..so he just shot 2 nice fellows who were just following him? I find your story of the events quite hard to believe.

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"CNC..so he just shot 2 nice fellows who were just following him? I find your story of the events quite hard to believe."

Well now that we know he's actually CIA, it's hard to know which, if any, information given out to the mass media is to be believed.

If you're working undercover, something goes down, and your background becomes known, you have to deal with it; something, or someone (possibly including some action on your part) has blown your cover, and once it's been printed in the dailies, it ain't coming back, 'specially after one of the widows of one the guys you've shot has committed suicide.

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Agree with cnc.

His "Diplomatic Immunity" is suspect, if he was a technical staff at the consulate he wouldn't carry a FULL diplomatic passport those are very rare and only handed to true diplomats. There are different levels of diplomatic immunity based on the work you do at the embassy/consulate.

Now the consulate said that he worked security as a contractor = something don't add up here.

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cnc, you didn't get the meaning of my post. The article says that a third person died when they were hit by a car coming to help Davis. So what has happened to the driver of the car?

I am guessing here, but that might be what is behind the standoff. The Pakistanis want to know who he was and the Americans won't tell them.

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The senior Pakistani intelligence official told the AP the two men in the response vehicle that went to aid Davis, killing the bystander, have left the country. The official said the Pakistani government’s decision to let them leave was a concession to the U.S.

@GJDailleult - Davis was alone in the car. The third person who died was a motorcyclist and he was hit by a 2nd car coming to the aid of Davis. After hitting the motorcyclist, the 2nd car fled the scene and went back to the Consulate. The 2nd car never made it to Davis. The Pakistani knew the identities of the men in the 2nd car and they were allowed to leave the country.

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And US govt yelling for peace and democracy!

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