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As Australia braces for bushfire season, indigenous 'cultural burning' makes a comeback

By Jill Gralow

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A big part of the problem in recent years has been local and state governments blocking hazard-reducing burn-offs to create firebreaks, based on the UN Agenda 21/2030 policies. This has enabled fires to spread far and fast instead of petering out when they reach a firebreak. These indigenous methods may help as well, but cool-season controlled burning needs to be reinstated before the risk drops in any meaningful way.

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From the early 70,s burning were stop due to breathing problems to some people causing deaths also the burning practices is a necessary for hunting. These natives Hunters hunted with spear so a thick undergrowth hampers spear hunting. The burning cleared the undergrowth and the floor of dry materials underfoot. Both a necessary when stalking pray. In the Australian environment. So burning was a constant in winter. Now with no management or little burning these mega fires are a certainly. The National Park management of total wilderness and only natural fire will be allowed and allow to burn out. This is the main reason for these mega fires.

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This shows the indigenous first nations people know well how to protect the land and live in harmony with the flora and fauna. Often their advice is ignored. If only they had a voice to advise governments rather than be simply brushed off as irrelevant. Now wouldn't that be a good idea!

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They have the right to vote. They have representatives in the Govt and Opposition. They have regional bodies to discuss issues.

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This is typical around the world lately; wildfires initiated directly by people, not nature.

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This is typical around the world lately; wildfires initiated directly by people, not nature.

The articles is not talking about wildfires initiated by people, it is talking about controlled burns to eliminate underbrush, which can actually prevent the appearance of spreading of wildfires.

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