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As Australia slowly relaxes lockdown, Victoria battles COVID-19 clusters

By Lidia Kelly

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It is the new coronavirus with cats.

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The bottom line is that the government has been able to control the speed with which the virus spread initially, giving health/medical services - and mortuaries - some breathing space. At this point, as things open up, it is up to the individual how much risk they are prepared to take. There WILL be more cases - and more deaths - in Australia, but Aussies now have the best chance at survival so long as their specific set of physical characteristics don't predispose them to a fatal outcome. And exactly what ALL of those characteristics are is as yet unknown, apart from age, possibly certain blood groups, possible certain vitamin deficiencies, probably obesity or lack of it, etc. So anyone who feels risk averse will need to remain in isolation - not because the government says so, but by their own decision. Any economy now starting to open up again is not giving any sort of guarantee to its participants - only that the chances of being able to be treated if necessary is now better or improving. The decision-making shifts from the authorities to individuals, companies and other organizations what level of risk they can accept.

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Earlier this week, Australia reported record high job losses as a result of the lockdown and Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned that worse was still to come.

Better open the economy back up taking all precautions possible or more people are going to die than from the virus.

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And Australia is moving into winter.

Not a good time to relax...

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The amount of people traveling around and shopping at those places still operating is almost back to normal in my area in Victoria, no wonder the case numbers are going back up. We almost had it beaten but have given the virus a life line by opening up to early.

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Only human beings suffer severely by the infection of the coronavirus. Why?

There are many different types of 'CoronaVirus'. COVID-19 is simply one of many. It's a new strain, thus the 'novel'.

With the cats/human thing you're discussing - two different types of cv.

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There are so many viruses on the earth. We are living with viruses. A Tokyo University study group found that the coronavirus contracts to cats and it spreads among cats. However, the cats are healthy and not affected by the coronavirus infections. No case was reported the coronavirus of cats contracts to human beings. Only human beings suffer severely by the infection of the coronavirus. Why?

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