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As e-bikes proliferate, so do deadly fires blamed on exploding lithium-ion batteries


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Because of the fire hazard, some residential buildings have banned e-bikes. Last summer, the New York City Housing Authority sought to prohibit tenants in all of its 335 developments from keeping or charging e-vehicles in their units, only to back down a few months later after protests from delivery workers.

Not good. Those NYCHA buildings are already old fire traps and don't need any more hazards.

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Why? Only now is there news about E-Bike Batteries EXPLODING?

E-Bikes and their batteries have been used for how many years already?

I wanted to get an E-bike many years ago. I didn't get one because they are too heavy. Thank goodness! I didn't get one! Or I wouldn't be here today commenting on them!!

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Here in Japan, it seems like it's not a concern...At least, I'm not worried that my Electic Assisted Bicycle's battery will explode.

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...and bikes have relatively small batteries. Right now, there is a big car transports ship abandoned and burning in the North Sea, because one the electric vehicles on board burst into flames. These Lithium batteries are fundamentally mobile bombs, and the more this e-mobility is pushed on society, the more of these disasters we will have.

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The London Fire Brigade attend e scooter and e bike battery caused residential fires every week. Many of these fires have caused fatalities.

No one should be allowed to charge these batteries in their home. They make the whole building a death trap.

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