As leaders reconvene at U.N., climate and COVID top the list


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that is all.

Let’s hope so.

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Biden will be speaking in person there.

Isn’t is great that he will speak.

The last President who spoke was laughed at, it was such an embarrassment!!!

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Biden will be speaking in person there.

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Couldn’t use zoom?

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What is going to be interesting is the geopolitical bombshells that the epidemic is tossing into the mix.

Specifically that the US Axis is now insisting most of the world's population has to wait for their absolutely vital first dose of a vaccine while the US Axis is now trashing large numbers of doses to ensure that its fully vaccinated population can access a third, minimally effective THIRD dose, but the Iran/Cuba partnership means those two 'marginalized' countries are quickly moving up the rankings of vaccinated populations, and will soon be able to provide the 'unimportant populations' more doses a month than the US Axis has provided in a year.

When your population is dying, your economy devastated, the calculation of whether to 'earn' the enmity of the US by refusing to shun two of the least aggressive, but highly capable countries in the world, or to capitulate to the Imperium becomes a lot different than it was at the last mostly virtual meeting, and an order of magnitude greater than during the last in person meeting.

Add in the rather spectacular demonstration of the loss of the ability of the Imperium to simply dictate a change in government in an 'unimportant country' and the formal recognition that despite the enduring, unrelenting enmity of the US, Iran is NOT the 'unimportant country' that the Imperium has tried to force it to be and there's likely going to be a lot of paradigm shifting decisions made in the one thing that makes these in person gatherings so vital, the 'chance encounters' and 'informal gatherings' in and around the large warren of hallways and rooms of the UN complex.

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