As shelters fill, New York weighs tents to house migrants


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It's about time that the problems being faced by those in the South, are brought home to roost amongst those cozy peoples in the North who were so willing to be armchair critics.

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@JTC, find out what the Reverse Freedom Rides were. The south did this during the Civil Rights protest era, sending African Americans on buses to northern cities. It ended up backfiring on them and this stunt will also. Just me but I would much rather have a poor immigrant with broken English for a neighbor than a white bigot.

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All US states need to fairly share the difficulties of accommodating migrants. This is not a bad thing - they will finally be able to ease labour shortages as the new migrants start to rebuild their lives as American citizens, finding work.

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Who is responsible for the porous southern border if not the commander in chief so why should he not share the burden that

he is responsible for?

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Desert, People's of all colors,mainly from the North were coming to the South,to protest Segregation

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