As snow moves toward U.S. east coast, bitter cold hits midwest


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You seem to be unaware/are denying that I have not denied that climate change is occurring. The current cycle of climate change began during the last ice age. The planet is getting warmer. I understand that many climate change zealots chose to claim that everyone who doesn't unconditionally agree with everything the climate change zealots state must therefore be "deniers". Since that claim is so obviously false, it only adds to the reasons why non-global warming zealots question the validity of the statements made by global warming zealots.

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It’s not that amazing that you don’t understand how climate change works. You deniers haven’t exactly spent any time looking at how it works.

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Much of the snow that was supposed to fall in the midwest has come down and now it's time for the main event: Record-breaking cold.

The National Weather Service said Tuesday and Wednesday may see record cold from the southern plains to the Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes and beyond, thanks to what it calls an "arctic airmass" that started in Siberia and has been spilling over a big chunk of the midwest and east coast.

This is amazing. The global temperature has climbed so high that record lows have been achieved.

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We must stop global warming, these arctic air masses are a real pain!

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Cold air has no staying power. It is gone in 3 days and then we're above normal for the rest of winter. And it's because of Global Warming that these cold air masses find their way down here in November. As the Arctic warms, the Jet Stream buckles, allowing the cold down here

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