As virus surges, isolated UK leader Johnson faces many foes


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The general quality of world leaders at the moment is shockingly poor.

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Alone is what "they" wanted...

350 gazillion a week plus an Austin Allegro in every garage hurrah!

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The Tory cannibals are getting hungry.

They’ll have no hesitation slaughtering and butchering this one.

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Less than a year ago PM Bozo had so many dreams about the country. Today, he and is government is in a mess and disarray. Even his own members are rebelling. How long will he last. Probably not the whole five year term.

During the pandemic the country needs a government of unity of all parties. Just like during a major war.

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It's not generally nice to enjoy watching someone fall but for palpably false Johnson I'll make an exception. I would never tire beating Dominic Cummings either.

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Rashford’s campaign, which has drawn on his own experience of childhood food poverty, has struck a chord, with businesses, charities and local authorities all offering food. But the government has refused to fund free school meals over the current half-term break or December's Christmas holidays.

That intransigence has mystified many observers. Even supportive lawmakers say Johnson’s government needs to show it cares about issues that matter to millions of people.

This was bizarre. I’m still trying to work out what this refusal was about. Johnson tried to position himself as a one-nation Tory and distance himself from the tooth-and-claw filth of the old Thatcherites but then oversaw this.

Playing to the nasty party base?

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