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Asia gets ready for eclipse


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Looks like a lot of clouds tomorrow for most of Japan, unfortunately.

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No disrespect to our Hindu friends fearing for their pregnant women and unborn children, but“I’ve been told to lie straight on the bed with my eyes open and to chant prayers and verses from the Hindu holy texts during the eclipse,” said Sonya Chadha, a New Delhi accountant who is seven months pregnant and plans to take the day off. “If even a tiny sliver of light falls on me, it could harm my child.” Does not make any sense to me (a down to earth kind of Buddhist) and I would tell this mother and others, to be careful with all the horrible drivers in India, just crossing the street there must be more dangerous than anything falling from an eclipse. I can just imagine now, millions of terrible drivers then the eclipse! Oh, look, the sun and the moon are changing colors, kopow! Oh, I just ran over a potential mother to be, I will look on the bright side and say I am helping control our population??

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Kyushu is supposed to clear up tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!!

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I also have a prediction for the eclipse.

For six minutes Taro Aso will have a revelation. He will know for the first time exactly how to govern Japan. He will have the total support of all sides of the government who will be prepared to help him lead the most dramatic economic and political renewal in Japanese history. A renewal that will bring wide spread prosperity, greater democracy, elemination of crime and the development of Japan into the most important leading nation in all of Asia.

Sadly this will last only as long as the eclipse.

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Anyone know what time it's supposed to be around?

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Welding goggles help alot. Could damage your eyes without protection.

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SL, about 9.30 to 12.30. Peaks around 11.12 with the sun about 75% covered

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The eclips is supposed to start around 10 AM JST I believe. NHK will be doing a live television broadcast at 10:30 AM JST tomorrow.

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We can't look at it? What about sun glasses?

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The big nuclear umbrella of nature/god , the sun stopped via moon's shadow, for 6 minutes 39 sec.

The Future sun is going to work more perfectly after this, no need for human man made nuclear umbrellas of nuclear weapons.

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@skipthesong: No, you can't use sunglasses.

Did you read the article? See this link: http://mreclipse.com/Totality2/TotalityCh11.html

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elbudamexicano!Superstitions are there in every religion, it's not only restricted to Hinduism, and any superstition does not make sense. Traffic problem in some of the crowded cities in India is terrible. But poking fun at Indian people using such illogical link is ridiculous and indeed of bad taste. You should try to be a sensitive human being first before claiming yourself "a down to earth kind of Buddhist". I don't know your nationality, but I can guess you are too focused on your non-Indian nationality rather than anything else.

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sicklittlemonkey: Article? who reads them. I come here for the posts. now that's entertainment! Ok, now. If I can't look at it, how can I take a photo of it?

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Five minutes of darkness is incredibly long for an eclipse. The viewers will be very lucky. Look for Baily's beads and the the diamond ring. The diamond ring should be especially spectacular since it appears the alignment will be rather precise. Also look for the shadows on the ground during a crescent sun; there will be many crescent shadows. If you look at the ground around trees with a lot of small light "holes" you will see many crescent shadows; if it is breezy they will be "dancing." I have only seen a full lunar eclipse on a science show on television. But I have seen the crescent shadows from trees during a partial eclipse of the sun. It was very cool. I was told ahead of time to look for it.

I am envious.

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Extra shade protection during day via eclipse tomorrow.

Nations in 22nd July eclipse shade effect,include Maldives,India,Myanmar,Bangladesh,Bhutan,Nepal,south Japan,ryuku islands and many others

Partial eclipse effect in South east asia and north eastern oceania.

Get ready folks in all lucky nations,to view a great nature show,tomorrow.

The long duration of eclipse is due to near perigee effect,which means, moon is orbiting to near closest distance to earth.

Let's wish that we in Asia are passing, into a new phase for Asia, after this special eclipse.

This 6 minutes 58 seconds eclipse will be the longest total solar eclipse in 21st Century.

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wow... just experienced it! :D

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