Asia must quit 'coal addiction': U.N. chief

By Joe Freeman

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Agreed, that the change in climate is the defining moment of our time and that as leaders we should do everything possible to prepare for the worse. Coal is cheap even though modern technology has shown its many uses. Graqhene for instance is a coal derivative and is an invaluable future material.

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The warning follows fresh research this week predicting

Translation: More selective ccomputer models promoted by the IPCC, which then turn out to be false.

The way this climate religion is pushed by the globalists as cover for endless power expansion is disgusting. And it is sad that so many people fall for it.

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China is the major burner of coal producing severe pollution in the cities. Solar energy is big inChina and has reached a production price less than the price coal. But coal is still being used and new plants are being built.

Coal is used for 62% of power production.

In Japan coal produces 32% of power production.

Burning coal produces gases that contain pollutants, mainly sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. They are the major sources of PM2.5 airborne toxic particles and ozone pollution that can cause health and environmental problems.

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