China to let in more foreigners as virus recedes


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China announced seven new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, all of them imported

Nobody trust China!

Foreigners holding certain types of visas and residence permits will be permitted to return to China

Who the hell will ever put a foot again into China.

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Show me any foreigner that willingly wants to enter Communist China, and I'll show you a damn fool.

They will only have themselves to blame when they get set up, arrested, imprisoned or executed for political reasons.

-2 ( +7 / -9 )

Show me any foreigner that willingly wants to enter Communist China, and I'll show you a damn fool.

I totally agree with you but there are many profit-first businessmen who want to get back on the China gravy train.

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I dont understand what you mean???

What kind of hysterical post???

We are talking here about China.

I don't trust China in any single word what they are saying and I would never ever set my foot back to China, because of their lies and bullying!

It is absolutely NOT related to the Corona Situation in Japan. (In case you mean that by your comment, I should made up my mind).

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Duly noted.

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Where do I buy a ticket?  Wuhan here I come!!

0 ( +5 / -5 )

Where do I buy a ticket? Wuhan here I come!!

You can be sure NO foreigners are welcome anywhere near that crime zone. Certain arrest and lengthy prison time. Or worse.

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