Chinese city tests millions amid fresh virusoutbreak


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China has rejected calls for an independent investigation while strictly controlling all research into the origins of the coronavirus

Because China don't want the world to know the truth.

They are hiding the truth!

The WHO is going there on Thursday? Pfffh...

I guess the CCP prepared already enough bribery money for the WHO, so the result which will later be reported, will match exactly the CCPs expectations .

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They are hiding the truth!

They are doing an unbelievable great job hiding the truth. The UN WHO will surely uncover it!

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more evidence that this virus is by now endemic in the world and that relaxation of restrictions will lead to it reappearing where it was previously considered gone or at least under control.  Vaccine will help but likely to become like flu vaccine that will be needed to be toped up or changes every so often.

In the meantime so much pain and suffering, also caused by the botched response to this in many countries.

My guess is we will look back at this in the future and wonder how we got it all so wrong.

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At least they test...

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....had largely contained domestic spread of the virus...

very nice, but....they’d better stopped the global spread (too, or instead)

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At best - we might know the truth 30-40 years from now. Might be very different from what we think.

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China is not even allowing and just keep on testing patience of entire world. 

Chinese communist party is the reason why entire world is suffering.After three independent government laboratories completely decoded the details, China did not share enough data to determine the efficiency of the virus's spread between individuals or the harm to the rest of the world, which has spent precious time in the Chinese public health system , Strict restrictions should be attributed to knowledge and competition.

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is one big scam from those officials. They force citizens to pay for the tests. Earning a huge amount of profits every times they do these so called test.

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Chinese vaccine developer Sinovac Biotech Ltd. said that the low efficacy rate of 50.38% from its final-stage

trial in Brazil is due to trial participants being medical workers facing a high risk of contracting Covid-19.

In contrast, western vaccines like that developed by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE were tested among volunteers including people from the general population, some of whom were less exposed to the virus in their daily lives compared to medical workers.

The defense from Sinovac Chief Executive Officer Yin Weidong at a press briefing in Beijing on Wednesday followed growing confusion as trials conducted in Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey released four different efficacy rates for the same vaccine.

Sinovac’s shot has been ordered by places like Singapore and Hong Kong, and the President of Indonesia just received it on live television in a show of confidence designed to persuade people to take it.

No wonder after tens of millions of the population who had been inoculated, millions are still lining up for the test amid virus outbreaks in almost the same cities.

Chinese-developed vaccines have faced skepticism over a lack of safety and efficacy transparency.

and there is a danger of the virus of adapting and turning to more potent one or becoming immune to the vaccine. Same as the bacteria becoming immune to antibiotics when used in wrong way.

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If I am not mistaken, initially, the efficacy of the vaccine according to Sinovac is at 70%.

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A friend of mine was living in China During the 2008 Olympics officials dropped by their house with a tin of paint so they could paint the grass to make sure it looked green, they also had the electricity cut for hours at a time every day just so that the olympic village had enough power. This is the kind of thing China does so don't expect them to change just for covid-19.

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Obviously their lockdowns worked so well

Even after literally welding people in their houses until they died as well

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*10 million people have been ordered to undergo a second round of testing as authorities seek to isolate the sources of the outbreak. In Wuhan, where 11 million people were placed under lock down for 76 days last winter during the early days of the pandemic. *Living in China the people don't have a choice, it is what it is, and that is, what the government demands. The only options one has is, you either do as they say, or you die resisting.

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China’s country, China’s culture, China’s decision.

So, you think American citizens having guns in their own country is OK? (doubt it)

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BTW, here's the basic differences between the Covid-19 vaccines:

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I only wish if they got things done a year ago in Wuhan...

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WakarimasenJan. 13  03:14 pm JST more evidence that this virus is by now endemic in the world and that relaxation of restrictions will lead to it reappearing where it was previously considered gone or at least under control.

Lacking vaccines, yes. China's medical talents are nowhere near those in the U.S. and the EU. There are three vaccines with 90%+ efficacy currently being deployed in the West and the US has three more in trials.

P. SmithJan. 13  05:01 pm JST China’s country, China’s culture, China’s decision.

No. It's a pandemic meaning that international cooperation is paramount.

China has been lying since the first recorded outbreak. Common sense tells one that the Wuhan lockdown was too little too late and that the virus had spread throughout the country.

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