South Korea's coronavirus cases surpass 50 for 2nd straight day


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This pandemic is nowhere near over.

1000 Americans are still dying from it every day.

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So what?

57 cases! That is very very very low! What are the people expecting?

0 cases in cities like Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Berlin,...that is impossible.

Even a vaccine or treatment will be found, if people are waiting for 0 cases, then you will probably wait a long long time...

But the media has no big apocalypse news about the virus these days, and they now recognize that the people are getting more and more bored from the virus news.

Therefore they say ,, surpass 50 for second straight day,, just to fear monger again.

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57 is not many - may take a while to get them down to single figures, but it will happen.

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The battle with COVID19 if far from over for any country.

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This pandemic is nowhere near over.

1000 Americans are still dying from it every day.

Yeah, but our health experts are telling us now that Corona is no big deal.... mass gatherings with zero social distance are A-OK and way more important than any Corona measures.

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