Virus rules tightened in province near Beijing


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Since the start of this pandemic Mr and Mrs world was allowed to travel in and out of countries, so we must all be infected. The focus has to be why do some die and why? Never mind about how many are infected

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China is on to it, not like others.

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China leading the world again.

Maybe the US, UK and most of Europe should look and learn?

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Maybe the US, UK and most of Europe should look and learn?

Yes, and lie just like China.

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Maybe the US, UK and most of Europe should look and learn?

You mean learn how to setup a dictatorship to control everything ?

Health but freedom of speech as well ?

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Combined with the fact that the CCP shot itself in the foot over banning the import of Australian coal leading to people freezing and rationing electicity, you have to forgive me for mistaking the CCP's antics as a comedy.

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WAIT last i read China had this virus thing under control!! ANOTHER LIE!

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Any figures you hear out of China you need to add three, four or even five zeros.

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China leading the world again.

China is the one who tried to hide this in the first place. Exactly what are they leading??

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