Asian American health workers fight virus and racist attacks


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This is just ridiculous. Over 30% of our medical staff are Asian. 43% of specialty doctors in the US are Asian. Why would you want to mess with someone that may be instrumental in saving your life and/or your general care?

can and have saved lives under stressful conditions

Why would you want to add stress, fear, and possible intimidation to someone that may be trying to save your life?

I don't see people out there blaming Europeans for the Spanish Flu that killed over 500 Million people. Lastly, even with the pandemic, there were far more idiots that ignored the warnings or the simple rules that were laid out in order to help limit the spread.

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Rascism towards Asians has always existed. The Covid pandemic and P45s deliberate use of the term China Virus, a ploy no doubt to direct criticism away from himself for his appalling mishandling of the pandemic merely allowed it to all come out in the open. Reading about anti-Asian attacks what really disgusts me the most is that they seem to be unprovoked attacks without warning perpetrated by young men against women and the elderly, the most vulnerable and defenseless. While the Biden administration has addressed this issue clearly more States and Cities need to directly address and enforce laws to stop this inexcusable criminal behavior.

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This is happening more and more now. This video is sickening:

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95% of the attacks are by Blacks in Democrat cities. I didn’t realize so many of them are Trump supporters.

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Yeah, it is kind of strange how the race of the victim is important, but the race of the attacker is not.

As for the cases cited in the article, they are definitely rude and despicable, but not exactly violent crimes. In the cases cited in the discussion, the "hammer attack" was done by a black woman. San Francisco attack? Young black attacker named Sidney Hammond. Etc.

Seems like the tension is between African Americans and Asian Americans. Particularly when violence is involved. The roots are deeper than the current pandemic- could be seen especially from the days of the Rodney King riots in 1992 and onwards. There is a certain amount of jealousy and resentment in many African Americans of Asian success as a minority group.

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There's a percentage of the populations of most countries that are racist, and are using the virus to act out their racism. Those people are of all colours and races, but are united by the fact that they are as thick as pig sh*t and hate those not like them. So egged on by peers, politicians and other imbeciles they target one group of people because of the way they look. Doesn't matter where the victim is from (born in their country of residence, visiting, working, studying, immigrated...) because of their facial features they are attacked for something they have nothing to do with.

The virus isn't some escaped Chinese bioweapon as the tinfoil hat brigade would have you believe... the average Chinese person didn't unleash the virus...

It. Is. Insane.

It's happening here in the UK too - mindless morons picking on Asian people, injuring them just because they are Asian.

Once this is all over they'll probably find another target group to attack... they're just basically a bunch of inbred bar stewards who get their jollies by being violent racists.

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P. Smith

The ignorance that drives racism is astonishing.

The ignorance that drives a lot of things is astonishing.

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The overwhelming majority of these racist violent perpetrators are black.

Instead we only hear about the fake, made up racism aimed at blacks.

That’s pretty messed up.

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a man came up to her, snarled “Chinese virus,” 

I never justify hate and hate-led violence. but they've stopped calling it Chinese corona in line with WHO guidelines while most media outlets and officials still attach variants with local names (UK, Brazil, India, etc.) Aren't there any common criteria and consistent policy for sensitivity?

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Minorities attacking minorities.

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In nearly every other article these days it says a "white" man or a "Black" man.

This one is curiously exempt from all that.

45ists playing the race card, again.

Whoever carries out any of these attacks are a sick individuals. But then again, so is a "leader" that uses violent rhetoric and dog whistles. The type of thing that has always led to attacks/persecutions of minorities, throughout history.

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boogeyman Trump has nothing to do with these numerous recent attacks by Black people against Asians.

You know all the attacks that eliminate the racial identifier of the attacker and just describe "a man", but find the racial descriptor anytime it is needed to describe any victims.

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Funny people blame Trump for this. I don't remember there were such attacks when he's in the office. Now that the "progressive" took power, all nasty stuff broke loose, almost like they are emboldened

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Blacklabel: You know all the attacks that eliminate the racial identifier of the attacker and just describe "a man", but find the racial descriptor anytime it is needed to describe any victims.

This is an all too common indicator of slanted racialized reporting. Another is the capitalization of the word black when describing a person’s race. This is intentional and virtue signaling journalism. The problem with the uptick in assaults against Asian citizens is centered in large cities run by Progressives with the perpetrators largely black citizens. Murders and assaults have spiked alarmingly in Democrat run cities since BLM was legitimized by Obama/Biden.

The media is woke and shape the narrative to their bias, not the facts. Look for the media to find a single egregious incident of a white perpetrator against an Asian victim to shape the narrative away from the reality of life in big cities for those of Asian descent. The Atlanta massage parlor murders was their first attempt at shifting the narrative- ignoring the actual facts of the case to make it appear the white male assailant was going after Asians only. But two white people were also killed and a hispanic man was shot but survived. Eventually the press will find an isolated incident to blame all white people with and drive that story hard. That’s how it works.

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Happening in other countries too

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Trump was the one to call COVID "the China virus". His followers are the ones doing this. Looks like taking my wife and kids to the US won't be safe after COVID. I guess we will have to go to singapore instead! It is more beautiful there, and peaceful anyway! The US can keep their virus!

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I’d love to see the source of this statistic.

Sure thing, start with Chicago.. (pages 54 and 55)

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Especially conservatism.

Yet you choose to live in a conservative country(Japan). Hmm, something doesn't add up, the communist countries not appealing to you?

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And is it any wonder?

Trump fanned the flames of hatred, intolerance and bigotry during his entire four years...

These are just Trump's "very fine people" showing how full they are of hate and violence.....just like they did on Jan 6th when they were carrying all those Trump banners and Confederate they assaulted our Capitol and the police protecting it...

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You complain about something that you have produced yourself. Officially and widely denying that it comes from the Wuhan labs like a biological weapon accident, first declaring a war on the viruses, than taking back everything said, from presidents like Trump and Macron , WHO also downplaying etc, only to continue making business and profits by not endangering economic connections with communist China. Therefore you diverted the hate against the unknown invisible enemy onto those surely innocent looking anything Asian looking people living in so many countries for a long time, never even having near to the viruses’ sources. It just means, those normal and less educated people search for someone to blame and simply replaced one lie by another.

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Thank god Biden is in office, because finally the country is made aware of the vile hate crimes against Asians that have been an epidemic since early last year.

Right wingers in America continue to deny that anti-asian hate crimes are a problem. In fact, they falsely claim that somehow Chinese communists created these news reports in the American media to deflect attention from their own government. All the while continuing to proudly call coronavirus the "China virus" and block the Democrat's efforts to establish legislation combatting anti-asian hate crimes.

Despicable and wicked.

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You are using a 2011 report about murder in Chicago as evidence..

That evidence was from the dream Obama era. there should have been no black violence than right.. and yes most of this black violent crimes are black-on-black crimes... crimes within the community.

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Right wingers in America continue to deny that anti-asian hate crimes are a problem.

Conservatives are not in denial of the fact that Asians are under assault in Progressive run cities from coast to coast. Try again.

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So, no, there is no evidence that “95% of the attacks are by Blacks in Democrat cities.” Thanks for the confirmation.

That was expected did not read the complete file did you..go thru the file was a few pages ahead page 53, 70.5 % is though not 95% that you are right.

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*numerous** recent attacks by Black people against Asians.*

Please cite at least two different sources to prove that the despicable incidents of racism listed here were by black men. If you cant, we all will agree you are making things up to suit your narrative. Again.

These cowardly racist attacks are almost always against women. The lowlife who commit these acts (in some cases serious assaults) should be jailed for a very long time.

It is right and just Hachimura and Naomi-chan and many others are calling these animals out.

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We should stand against any form of racism,and the US as a great democracy as they are,are trying to change things with this administration after Trumps disaster.

Saying that a lot of the anti-asia hate in the States are not predominantly coming from Caucasian people.

What I feel more hypocrite some of our right wingers in this forum that justify literally everything their country does love to give us a lesson about racism,how amusing is this.

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"a bystander", " a man", another "a man".

In nearly every other article these days it says a "white" man or a "Black" man.

This one is curiously exempt from all that.

Well except the obvious entry of "Donald Trump" and discussing the one attack that everyone knows a white guy did (that was found to have no racial related malice, by the way).

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All in New York city, same as this article.

"a stranger" hit an Asian in the head with a hammer. Along with many other "a stranger", "a man" and even "a group of five teens".

not to mention the man and his 1 year old child in San Francisco and two elderly women who were stabbed by "a man".

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The headline is incorrect as this article is only referencing Asians with Chinese ethnicity..the headline should have been Chinese American health workers fight virus and racist attacks..but now that would be politically incorrect.

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America the king bof violence and racism. But they preaches in comments of Japan the opposite.

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