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Assad rejected leaders' bid for peace in Syria: former PM


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@Akemi Mikoto

This is not comparable to the Holocaust, or the Armenian genocide.

I don't really like either side in this conflict.

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We didn't let the genocide go during WWII, we shouldn't let it go now

Well the allies didn't rally know the scale of the genocide until '45.

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Assad doesn't need all this aggravation, right, Never?

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@Akemi Mokoto

By equating the Jihadis invasion of Syria and the government's response to it as a holocaust you've belittled and disparaged the real suffering and mechanized slaughter that took place during World War II.

The Holocaust and the situation in Syria not comparable in the slightest.

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We didn't let the genocide go during WWII, we shouldn't let it go now.

If you are referring to genocide by Nazi Germany, "we" (whoever that is) actually did let the genocide go during WWII. It was only prosecuted after the war ended.

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@Akemi Mokoto

What are you defining as genocide?

Maybe you need a dictionary?

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This Hijab guy is a turncoat and a traitor as he turned on his countrymen whilst his country was being invaded by jihadis and foreign mercenaries, I wouldn't trust a word he says. Like any traitor he'll pretend to be your friend one moment and stab you in the back the next. His claims have no legitimacy and he himself tarnished his good word by being a two-faced traitor.

He's especially worried now because the terrorist army is losing and is sure to be defeated by Syrian government forces, so this clown will never be able to show his face in his home country ever again.

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It is time for military intervention. We didn't let the genocide go during WWII, we shouldn't let it go now.

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