Assad says British bombing in Syria will fail; ridicules PM Cameron


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Syria needs a multinational UN force, not an alliance serving their own oil and defence industries.

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"the Royal Air Force struck the oilfields that Cameron’s government says are being used to fund attacks on the West."

Dang, that's going to cause the price of a liter of gas at the Eneos station to go up!

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Assad is right, alas.

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ISIS isn't a self sustaining entity, it has a (several) state backers.

Notice how western leaders ala Cameron, Obama and Hollande never ask nor consider the topic of how is it that ISIS has a steady supply of weapons and ammo.

How does ISIS oil get refined and how does it reach markets? Millions of dollars worth of oil can't be refined in a backyard operation with a few chemists being held at gunpoint.

How come ISIS has state of the art scramble proof radios that nobody can intercept?

How come analysis of ISIS battle strategy and movements indicate that they have access to satellite pictures of Syrian and Iraqi army formations?

The list goes on and on...

But don't expect Western leaders (aka talking heads) to address these questions. The Western public will simply be told, there are bad guys over there and we have to bomb them.

Although oddly, the bombing never seems to have any effect.

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Burning Bush:

" Although oddly, the bombing never seems to have any effect. "

...until Putin got into the game, which is why suddenly there is all this frenzy, and suddenly a Nato country start shooting down Russian planes over the territorry of another country.

I also want to know why it is that we need Russian areal photos to document the ongoing oil shipments from ISIS to Turkey.... Obama et al knew nothing of that, with all their satellites and drones???

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What a spectacluar comeback of the corsiars.

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GR4 Tornado Jets and Brimstone missiles the most accurate air to surface missiles in the world with the least collateral damage. Sadly, where ISIS is concerned it will not make any difference until we find out WHO is really backing ISIS. They are no rebel Islamic group thats for sure.

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As he has failed in the field of battle for about four years?

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Steve Chrichton:

" They are no rebel Islamic group thats for sure. "

No, they are full-bore. literal islamic Sunni Wahabi group. Their laws are not substantially different from Saudi Arabias. And we know who is backing them: The Saudis, Qatar, Turkey. Plus the Western leaders like Obama beholden to them.

Unless you seriously want to believe that Obama was unaware of the Turkish support for ISIS before Putin told him...

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Easy to say. I can't think of any fight where airstrikes alone or even just a majority of the action was the ultimate cause of victory.

America callously bombed the living hell out of North Vietnam and America still lost.

And I will just add the simple fact that bombing economic infrastructure is a war crime. Combatants are supposed to only attack and destroy combatants and combat equipment and buildings. Oil rigs don't shoot at people.

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