Assad to speak as U.S. deploys Patriot missiles near Syria


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This conflict has already crossed the Rubicon. There is no way that the FSA will allow him to take part in the post-conflict (if there is such a thing) reconcilliation process. Since he says he will never leave (and I believe him), this most likely ends with him swinging from a rope or at the end of a long ally with about 50-100 bullet holes in him ala Chaucheschue (Sorry, I never could be bothered to learn how to spell his name) of Romania on Christmas Day, 1989.

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It is football season for the USA. "Turn off the lights, the party is over" for Coach Assad. Your team will remain loyal, but you are sacked.

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Wow; isn't that SWEET ?; all the pretty young Lasses, reminisent of the " Pioneer " Youth, of the old Czechoslovakia era....sorry, it didn't work THEN, and it AIN'T gunna' wash NOW either...but good idea; always NICE to show a buncha' HONEY's runnin' with ya'.

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Bashar al-Assad represents at least a large portion of the Syrian public, if not the vast majority.

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