Assad urges progress on Idlib deal ahead of Syria talks

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He said the main aim of the accord was to "eliminate terrorist groups",

In the preceding paragraph the AFP admits that Al Qaida is in control of the area, so why put the quotation marks around his reference to terrorist groups.

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Al Qaida are the good guys in Syria.

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Al queda, al nusa, white Helmets and IS are all indirectly backed by US. Who are indirectly backed by Israel and Saudi. The islamists are pretty safe for now.

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From the way the article was worded, you'd almost think that the Sauds were democratically elected, and Assad the dictator that was only in power because foreigners had declared him to be the ruler.

Which is rather interesting given that the Sauds are the dictators, holding power because foreigners 'gave' them a throne, bought them a military that is violently suppressing peaceful protesters, while the multiethnic, multireligious coalition government of Syria is widely supported by the Syrian people who voluntarily joined the effort to deny those who tried to take over their country behind a wave of suicide bombers and foreign supplied guns.

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Don't forget Turkey

Russia made this deal with Turkey, despite Assad being against it

Turkey is the main backer of this deal, as these are Turkmen Syrians (ethnic Turks)

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