Assad will never be part of Syria peace talks: U.S.


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A wise decision. Other representatives of the Alawites can be found.

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I'm glad to see that with Republicans trying to jumpstart their own foreign policy and the Secretary of State making public statements that have to be clarified later US Middle East diplomacy is still completely organized and efficient and not at all a disaster.

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Then there will never be peace; just the silence of the defeated.

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Assad has won.

Everybody knows it but no one in the West wants to admit it.

Cue the PR semantics as the US tries to save face.

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He was for negotiating with the heinous dictator before he was against it.

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Why would Assad want to involve himself directly in talks, anyway?

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what if mr assad stay in power after2016? Must be a huge concern to Kerry's boss

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Well then the war will continue for a long long time. anyway, Assad has no interest in peace talks that will just allow the rebellion time to regroup.

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Assad has won.

I'm sure he's overjoyed. Damned by history as one of the most evil despots. His country is in ruins. Thousands upon thousands dead and maimed. He has to live out his days in fear of reprisal. Almost no remaining infrastructure. Overrun by genocidal religious fanatics. Reviled and outcast for all time.

Some victory.

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Another fine Middle Eastern mess. Screwed if you do something and screwed if you don't.

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The present mess in Syria as well as Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and elsewhere is the direct result of US meddling and fomenting efforts for regime change all in the name of "democracy." Idiots at the helm, from both factions(Dumocraps and Repugnicants) of the War Party.

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@Fredric Bastiat

Egypt, huh? You going to blame the US for Yemen, too? What about Boko Haram? The US must have some of the best spys in the world to be able to overturn so many governments without any evidence.

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Syrian opposition?.... hopelessly divided, and have little control over the free Syria army. The reality is that now Syria has been divided into four parts, after four years this civil war, any framework for settlement has just run out of steam, leaving ISIL to takeover huge swaths of land and Israel within spitting distance armed with nuclear weapons....

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The US must have some of the best spys in the world to be able to overturn so many governments without any evidence.

Actually they're so clumsy that even posters on Japan Today know about it.

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@Burning Bush And you just proved my point because I was being sarcastic. Way to go.

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@saipantheist, yes, Egypt. The US funded and supported Mubarek untilthey decided not to, as with Saddam Hussein, Assad, etc. Do you think drone strikes that indiscriminately kill civilians in Yemen influence people there to support their puppet leaders and USA? Boko Haram are a different kettle of fish.

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@Frederic Bastiat

Funding does not generally bring down regimes, otherwise Iran and NK would be long gone. I applaud your straw grasping, though.

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