Assange fathered two kids with lawyer in Ecuador embassy: report


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Well, about time we finally heard some interesting and crazy news to upstage all the news of doom and gloom that’s going on.

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Always wondered how he passed the time

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Assange dared to speak truth to power, but has been shamefully abandoned by the craven, lick-spittle Fourth Estate on bended knee to authoritarian government officials. In prison his life is in danger, not least from the corona virus. If he dies, his blood will be on all our hands.

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Ecuador treated him like a king. They gave it all up.

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Ecuador treated him like a king

Are you joking? They kept him locked up, deprived him of internet and communication, published security photos to ridicule him and finally handed him over to his persecutors.

Some "king".

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A lawyer should not engage in sexual relationships with clients. Ethical violation.

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A lawyer should not engage in sexual relationships with clients.

Never heard of "Amor vincit omnia...", words of wisdom from the pen of the immortal Vergil? ("love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love.") It's what makes us human,innit? In the dirty-dealing world of power politics there's no place for love and kindness and our humanity is thus diminished. Thankfully, there are many who fervently wish for Assange's release and vindication while punishment for his persecutors must be consigned to the realm of divine justice.

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Hope the Ecuadorians at least had the decency to turn the surveillance cameras off while all this was going on.

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Dear Lord was she consenting?

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Will the coronavirus lockdown lead to a baby boom?

@Numan, please do your part. I already have enough kids.

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I wonder if a DNA test can prove if she's telling the truth or not ?

He'd best confirm / deny this now, and arrange for one, before she starts to claim rights to the Film royalties.

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This self righteous piece garbage needs too be lock away for his crimes not on the state but on humanity.,

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Beats playing solitaire for sure, fair play.

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Seems like the condom had a wikileak.

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Sneezy very good.

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How irresponsible of them both. Perhaps he saw it as a way of getting off the charges. Those poor kids.

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This might explain the split from Pamela Anderson. Because he was still seeing her in prison at least until last year.

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This self righteous piece garbage... 

I can think of very many other public figures more deserving of such invective. Hans Christian Andersen did not err when he gave us his story, "The Emperor's New Clothes". Assange with his shocking WikiLeaks video: "Collateral Murder' in Iraq" ripped the "fine clothes" off "self-righteous" Amerika to reveal its naked aggression and impunity for its soldiers who commit war crimes. We owe to debt of gratitude to the people who risked their necks to expose ugly truths.


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