Assange marks two years inside Ecuador's embassy in London


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Britain refuses to allow Assange safe passage out of the embassy—and is spending millions of pounds a year in round-the-clock security

Interesting definition of security.

Armed with the truth and therefore obviously very dangerous.

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He can stay there and rot in that embassy for the rest of his life. He'll get tired sooner or later.

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Rape is a political attack?

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Assange marks two years inside Ecuador's embassy in London

And may he stay there for many more...

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Assange is a creepy narcissist who wants to get back into the limelight. So desperate and now only the lunatic fringe supports him after the revelations of his manipulative personality and the corruption of Wikileaks.

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It's amusing to read the ad hominem comments, nevermind the facts. The British subjects are the ones paying the price as well.

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The British subjects are the ones paying the price as well.

Quid pro quo, The Brits are doing it so that when it's their turn, the other countries would do it for them too.

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He's an idiot. Refusing to face justice in one of the most liberal countries in the world by hiding in the embassy of one of the more illiberal ones is, simply, absurd.

If he's innocent he has nothing to fear from going to Sweden.

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I'm not going to get into whether or not I agree with what he's leaked, but he faces some pretty serious charges and he should face up to them if he truly is innocent of the charge.

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Does Britain really need relations with Ecuador?

Without relations, the Vienna Convention no longer applies, and Assange can be freely seized. No reason to tolerate the expense.

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Two years in house arrest and counting... Poetic justice for a media queen whose 15 minutes of fame ended a long, long time ago. He got to watch first Wikileaks fade into irrelevance, then his Hollywood bio-pic crash and burn at the box office. You could almost hear the collective "Meh!" rising from an indifferent world.

Now he's come back to restate his "relevance." Whatever...

As for ad-hominem attacks, have a look through the press at how Assange's doofus supporters do his bidding and publicly trash his alleged rape victim worldwide. Utterly despicable!

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Coward Assange must go Sweden to face rape allegation. Also He said his company Wikileake has tens of hundred of millions of dollars lost by sanction transaction via Visa, Master, Bank and other financial institution

I believe Julia Assange has millions of dollar money in his secrete account.. He won't do Wikileake for nothin. He knew stealing and receiving top classified Military document are always breaking the law.

Many hackers went to jail in US for their crime but they are becoming employee of some security Company. I don't think US will sent Julia Assange to Guantanamo bay.

How much cost for Ecuador Embassy to host Julia Assange in Ecuador Embassy. If he was sick with appendicitis and then he need to go emergency operation in hospital for treatment and the British Police will catch him.

Julia Assange has encouraging service men and women to betray their employer and steal highly classified to secret document files. He will sell classified document to Medias. He made hundreds millions dollars from someone else stolen property. As we know one was in US custody and one was in Russian hand.

Julia Assange is righteous hero for people? No Julia Assange is big ambition for to rich himself. Bradley Edward Manning, now he was serving for 35 years life sentence.

Julia Assange should be lock up at Ecuador Embassy as long as Ecuador Ambassador pleased.

British Government should install high quality surveillance Cameras around Embassy 24/7 and guarding couple of Police Officers will be reducing the cost.

Julia Assange deserved to be in jail for raping.

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