Late-stage AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine study on hold after one illness


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Worrying that some of the globe's despots are rushing vaccines prior to them having been sufficiently reviewed.

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Was supposed to be a free vaccine. But then.....

Rather than give away its COVID-19 vaccine, Oxford makes a deal with drugmaker

"A few weeks later, Oxford — urged on by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — reversed course. It signed an exclusive vaccine deal with AstraZeneca that gave the pharmaceutical giant sole rights and no guarantee of low prices — with the less-publicized potential for Oxford to eventually make millions from the deal and win plenty of prestige."

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This is normal procedure in drug trials.

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yeah, I agree its normal, and necessary. But I also think that if there is no vaccine prior to the election, the people involved with these trials would be more than happy with that.

This safety pause will need to be forgotten in the "ohmygod the dotard Trump personally forced it to be rushed for politics and its unsafe, dont take it!" narrative when the vaccine is created prior to the election.

If after the election, this same pause will be used to show that all precautions were taken and that it was a legitimate trial. strange that.

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We re-ordered, paid, there goes my pension, and future health

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yeah, I agree its normal, and necessary. But I also think that if there is no vaccine prior to the election, the people involved with these trials would be more than happy with that.

You have the whole concept arse-backwards. There are obviously vaccines prior to the election: some are undergoing trials now.

What there is not, and never has been, in the 10-month window between the emergence of COVID in January and the US election on November 3rd, is any chance that a vaccine would be fully developed, tested, and approved, which would have been the bare minimum needed to convincingly trumpet "success" before the election. Development and testing takes much longer than that - more multi-year than multi-month, and the people who actually know this have always made that explicitly clear.

America didn't even appear to be aware that it had a serious COVID problem until well into March, so there was hardly a clamour for a vaccine, let alone any notion that the development of one might help to boost the incumbent's re-election chances. That makes the actual window even smaller: more like six months than ten.

If you were actually entertaining hopes of vaccine approval between now and election day in 9 weeks' time, you may as well abandon them now. No one needs to "slow down the process"; the process simply isn't that quick to start with. There are protocols, and there are important reasons why those can't be skipped or abbreviated. That is the reality, and in the context of that reality, the election is both unimportant and irrelevant.

On the bright side, Trump can just make something up: it's what he's done throughout the pandemic anyway, so lying about a vaccine should be a natural move for him. He can even claim a full-blown conspiracy, because he does that all the time too.

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