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Suicide bombing in Kabul kills 18, including 6 NATO troops


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Tragical event,particularly while Afghans were reeling from the sadness of passenger flight crash that killed 40s yesterday.RIP.

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Obama's surge is going to take time to work.

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The 6th soldier was Canadian. No name released yet pending notification of the next of kin. 750kg of explosives? man with the money they spent on explosives think of what they could have done constructively with that money. Oh yeah it's the Taliban who know what's right for everyone no matter if they want it or not.

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A toyota van bomb warfare by Taliban-alqaeda mujihedeen , with 750 kg explosives used. Motor vehicle bombs and IED bombs against other bombs of US-Nato.

Vehicles and explosive materials easily financed by Taliban-alqaeda mujahideen petro dollar banks.

War between Petrol crude oil and other forms of energy here.

Big stalemate ceasefire with sporadic conflicts,will continue on in afghanistan .

The issue is what is right for everyone in afghanistan and who knows what is right in afghanistan. There is a big confusion among all parties,as to what is right for afghanistan. All parties,should learn to agree to disagree,try to make a better future afghanistan. Disagreement in national politics is in all nations. Thing is other nations agree to disagree,but carry on creative progress for their nations.

Casualties of conflict,need to be minimum,that is right always.

Things should get better in 2010s in afghanistan for all parties,wanting to rule. Billions of citizens of world,are looking at afghanistan and its woes,with their views.

Whatever it is all parties trying to do in afghanstan,it will take good people to solve them.

Making more good people via training in all disciplines in and outside afghanistan ,can be good way to speed solutions for solve numerous woes/ economic woes of afghans.

Many nations have woes,which need speedy solutions,so do afghans . Afghans need to move away from destructive paths, to more creative constructive paths with their finance sources.

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