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35 killed in attack beginning at Thailand childcare center


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If there is a hell, I pray this animal burns there in eternity. Why don't these misfits do the world a favour and off themselves BEFORE any innocents are killed? The world would be so much better.

Rest in Peace to all the innocent little kids, with their whole lives ahead of them.

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People all over the world are losing it. Very sad.

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Disgusting. And a policeman as well. Instead of catching drug dealers and murderers in your career, you kill innocents. Find him, deserves punishment worse than death, rot in hell.

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In Uthai Sawan, NE Thailand

Gunman opened fire at daycare

Also killed his family at home

35 dead, including 22 children

Victims were as young as 2

Pregnant teacher also killed

Suspect committed suicide

ID’d as former police officer

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Distressing. Very sad for the Families.

The former Police Officer was fired over failing a drugs test and was due to appear in Court tomorrow...

Instead of firing people, they should be placed on leave whilst undergoing drugs rehabilitation - there's a lot more to be gained in doing that than simply dismissing the person. Who knows, had the Police force done that, we may not be reading about this distressing event.

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burn in hell scum, burn in hell

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What a brave individual to gun down innocent kids. So many futures taken away at the behest of someone who feels hard done by. Pathetic creature.

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The side of Thailand that produces these types of tragedies needs to be addressed…

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Tragic day for Thailand. RIP to the victims. Senseless madman,

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Ex-cop with a history of drug abuse. Due to rain, fewer children were in the daycare. Tragic loss.

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It's a new world record for child-killing after Texas this year. Very deep condolences

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I cant leave to much of a massage on here, as there will be to many expletives to discribe my feeling for this bloke. why do people have to attack schools, young children, pregent ladies? is it because there is little or no chance of them fighting back? its really, really very much the way of a coward.

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Rotten world..

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Monster! He cheated the law by also killing himself.

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"Guns don't kill, people do" is a cliche for supporters like the NRA. But guns are capable of mass killings. No matter how much hostile and committed, a perpetrator can hardly knife down dozens of innocent people around during a brief assault moment. A handgun (with a motive) could make it possible. Certain regulations are needed.

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