At least 77 dead in Spanish train crash


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Planes and now trains. Is travelllling becoming more dangerous?

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Safety belts are required in cars and planes, yet trains have nothing to restrain passengers as their speeds get higher and higher. Cars are required to have crumple zones and now air bags. The modern lightweight carriages seem to offer little protection to passengers, crumpling and shattering into pieces of sharp metal and glass, which in turn cause horrific injuries to passengers. When will it stop?

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The article mentions local people trying to rescue trapped people, using 'clubs' (golf?) and a hand saw, and stones to break the windows.

Modern cars/carriages are designed to stand up to the forces of a crash, but may be extra hard to get out of or into.

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Although this seems like an accident, it's scary to think of the deaths a random nut/terrorist could cause by damaging the rail network/etc.

60 people, such a waste.

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R.I.P. to those who lost their lives and a speedy recovery to those fortunate enough to have survived such a horrific event.

I have traveled in Spain on trains run by Renfe and I was VERY impressed by their rolling stock. I remember hearing from and commenting to the people I was traveling with on how their trains had a very modern feel to them like the newest models in Japan yet these ones in Spain were built like tanks.

It must have been a nightmare to try as a civilian to break into the twisted mess of those crumpled train coaches with just what was available in their homes. It's times like this when you wish you had a couple of 'Halligans' sitting in your emergency kit at home.

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Oh this is so sad. A train speeding around a corner reminds me of that crash in Kobe years ago that killed 107 people. Trains may be safer than cars, but they definately need some sort of protection in cases like this. RIP to all and I hope there is no further rise in number.

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I hope this was not terrorism. Anyway, poor amigos in Spain, RIP.

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The Japanese news on tv said it was going at over 180 kph on a curve where it should have been going a max. of 80 KPH, why?? Criminal negligence? Anyway, RIP and do hope and pray this has nothing to do with the several terrorist groups already operating inside of Spain.

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Rest in Peace. It is likely the death toll will top 100. This is yet another kick in the guts for the poor Spanish people. They just can't buy any luck in that joint.

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sad news. if this was a chinese train crash, there would've been a lot of negative comments on it's reliability, even though it's the world's busiest high-speed rail network.

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