At odds on myriad issues, U.S., Russia to hold strategic talks


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Russia should just ignore USA warmonger bullying country .

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I thought the whole strategy with Russia was supposed to be sanction and isolate

Who said that, exactly? Are you having an argument with yourself again??

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The Russians knew America has no will to keep that START treaty! Why should they sit waiting to hear their nonsense excuse? The Trump administration has shown the true face of America, they don't honour any treaty, they just honour strength! Very much like Hitler torn the "Molotov-Ribbontrop pact" and invaded the USSR in 1941!

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Bidens handlers are bent on increasing warmongering against Russia. They are irresponsible and misguided.

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Bidens handlers are bent on increasing warmongering against Russia. They are irresponsible and misguided.

Russian hackers have been attacking the US, causing real physical and economic damage.

Republicans are ok with Russians attacking America. They were even ok with their guy colluding with the Russians!

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They’ll just do some overdue adjustments in newly splitting the world into their respective influence zones. Who gets which area, Crimea, Cuba, Syria, handling of Iran, Taliban, Arab spring countries, Venezuela, Arctic and all such so on. Finally it’s about China’s economic and other overwhelming influence in the remaining parts of the world , even pandemic triggered, and the therefore growing potential future threats to both world powers from there. If I were at that negotiation table, I would place a very big lure onto it, one that Putin cannot other than snap… lol

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Russia should be held into account for not doing anything against cybercriminals operating thru their soil (until recently *maybe***)

It's a country's responsibility to investigate and prosecute any crimes that propagate within their borders (obviously, cybercrime is illegal in Russia)

[* I say until recently maybe* since not long after Biden pressed Putin to do something about Russian cybercriminals or risk US retaliating against the Russia-based servers used by the cybercriminals, the Russian-based cybercrime ring REvil suddenly disappeared in the Net. Just shows that Russia could do something about it if it chooses to, but weren't choosing to before.]

"Prolific ransomware gang suddenly disappears from internet. The timing is noteworthy."

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Russia is the small man at the table. A tiny aggressive man that has to prove itself all the time like a tiddly Yorkshire terrier. The rest of us yawn.

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