78 dead in suicide attack on Pakistani church


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God bless [Islamic country that just experienced meaningless violence]. Forgive this generic post but the last 6000 times I had to open my browser and see that you hated America so much you blew up your own people have made me unable to differentiate.

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I am sorry about what has happened.

If everyone that is religious could give up their religion, it would be so much easier to spot the enemy. A plain ol' terrorist. Not using god as a reason or a sheild.

Peter Payne, what they (militant Islamist) hate, is not just America, but other religions. That's the case here. Their own, but Christians. I know you knew PP.

Anyway, this is terrible. Yet, it is an everyday occurence, it seems.


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Get real. Yesterday the Muslim extremists terrorized and killed non-Muslims in Kenya mall. Today at a christian church in Pakistan. The world should wake up and recognize their real intents for tomorrow and the future. Christianity went through the dark age of crusades and colonialism, for now Muslim extremists will lead the way to the ultimate goal of Islamic world at all cost. Naivety, illusion, and political correctness would only contribute to more bloodshed.

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60 dead in a blast in Pakistan, 59 killed in Kenya, 69 killed in Iraq, 159 killed in Nigeria, 100,000 killed in Syria, 38 killed in Yemen...and meanwhile the West debates that we are the cause of terrorism.

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Actually the overly misguided PC crowd in the West debates if the US is killing off more innocent civilians than the terrorists are and "creating" more terrorists. Many Islamists love the gullible types that are out in the "civilized" countries because they'll be murdering outright hundreds of thousands of innocents right in front of these folks eyes and the US will still be blamed for "causing" their actions.

Islam does more persecution of others than any other current religion in the world. And yet some foolish folks still believe in Islamic fundamentalists playing the victim card...

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"a peace deal with the militants"

The only peace deal acceptable to the militants would be total capitulation to them.

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@Get Real it's disgusting this is no place for hate!

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And all of sudden everyone is expert on Islam.! These kind of acts are not much i know islam.

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Ignorance recognizes no borders.

A friend's classmate was stopped on the street by other kids in 1970s Belfast, with the sectarian menace typical of the time:

"Are you a Catholic or a Protestant?"

"I'm a Muslim."

"Are you a Catholic Muslim or a Protestant Muslim?"

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Ignorance recognizes no borders.

Yes, lecture those 78 dead people about ignorance. Get Real, indeed.

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Wow! This almost as cowardly as killing a family in a mud hut with a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone operated in comfort and seclusion based on the father's "pattern of life".

And oh look. The terrorists demand an end to Predator drone strikes. What a surprise!

Actually the overly misguided PC crowd in the West debates if the US is killing off more innocent civilians than the terrorists are and "creating" more terrorists.

It might be possible to end their terrorism by ending our terrorism? I think its worth a go, even if the only result is to stop being a terrorist nation.

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These self-serving fascists no more represent Islam than the Serbs at Srebrenica represented Christianity.

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Barry Cartwright,

Thank you for saying this.

The current wave of Islam extremist violence began in the 80's with the CIA training and equipping the crazies they had recruited, collectively known as Al Quaeda.

Encouraged by what they mistakenly thought was a resounding success when the Russians left Afghanistan - actually it was due to the collapse of the USSR and not to the CIA trained militants - the Taliban got the idea that Allah was on their side and went from strength to strength.

The Iraq "war" didn't do much to help US PR either. Nor did the invasion of Pakistan and assassination of "Bin Laden (?)"

And now this!

I just worry that having gotten bored with the Middle East, the "World Police" have turned their attention on Asia.

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Most don't really care what happens to those people, nor those people in Kenya, since there's nothing they'd want to do to assist them.

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How many Christian churches and people were destroyed by the terrorists in Syria? =somehow the slaughter of thousands escapes the news while propaganda for new wars is promoted. A good try at dividing a nuclear-armed nation. Surprisingly Pakistan is a very unified and growing country and most people do not want the US Gov handouts, but the politicians refuse to turn their backs to them.

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It might be possible to end their terrorism by ending our terrorism? I think its worth a go, even if the only result is to stop being a terrorist nation.

Check out pre-9/11 terrorist attacks and incidents like this where Islamists were well in swing doing the exact same thing. Sure the drones were operating way back in the early 1900s, 1920s, 1950s, 1970s??? Media coverage wasn't as wide spread back then as it is now. It amazes me that you think that if the drones stop that the terrorists will magically disappear. Barking up the wrong tree is an amazing habit with you guys. Tell this to the folks in India, Thailand, Spain, Africa, Phillipines, etc how the US drone strikes in Afghanistan/Pakistan will suddenly prevent all the Islamists from attacking their innocent civilians. As I said, Islamists LOVE you guys! is run by many apostates from Islam who come from Islamic countries born and raised there. The number of apostates from Islam is growing steadily because of the reality and disillusionment that Islam has been perpetrating for centuries. They keep saying the same thing. You can't be a peaceful person to truly follow Islamic teachings. Mohammed was nowhere near as peaceful as Buddha, Jesus, and not even Ghandi.

There are peaceful people in Islam, but the teachings of Islam are not as peaceful as many of you gullible easily misguided folks want to believe. Islam started with peaceful intent, but the founder himself became more aggressive and war like as both Christians and Judaic peoples shunned Mohammed's ideals and called him a false prophet/blasphemer. So is not muslim (or not muslim enough) is considered a heretic and by the Qur'ans own rules is able to be persecuted or executed with extreme prejudice.

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So all of these Christians will become terrorists, right? I'm told that when Muslims are killed their friends and family turn into terrorists so I'm assuming the same thing happens to Christians since it's a human condition kind of thing.

Jundullah has previously claimed responsibility for attacks on minority Shiite Muslims in southwestern Baluchistan province. Hard-line Sunni extremists like the Taliban consider Shiites to be heretics.

If they're smart they'll say they killed Shiites over American drone strikes. That will give them a built-in segment of the West sitting at computers who will be more than happy to broadcast their message for them on a volunteer basis.

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It would be nice to say that Islamists only target a specific religion... but fact is they don't. Any religion that is not "their" religion (or even non-religious folks) is up for destruction in their playbook. But because Christianity is supposedly the largest of the 3 major religions in the world it is focused on a bit more.

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Islam is the only large religion going that has, as part of their sacred texts, directives to kill people who aren't of their religion. The really radical ones take this to the point of killing Muslims who are of different sects, let alone Christians, Jews, etc. etc. This kind of belief is downright dangerous in a world with WMD. Honestly, you have to equate this kind of thing with barbarism akin to the Spanish inquisition. It has no place in modern society.

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Check out pre-9/11 terrorist attacks and incidents like this where Islamists were well in swing doing the exact same thing. Sure the drones were operating way back in the early 1900s, 1920s, 1950s, 1970s???

So you are unaware of U.S. government terrorism pre-dating drone attacks in residential areas? Well, I suppose I should take solace in that you seem to be admitting that current methods of use of these drones are U.S. government state terrorism. I suppose its a start.

BTW, the perpetrators of the attacks are the ones who brought up the drones. They did not say they were out to kill Christians for being Christians. They demanded an end to the drone attacks.

It amazes me that you think that if the drones stop that the terrorists will magically disappear.

Its amazes me that you have the gull to put all these words in my mouth despite my clear admission at the end of my post that the attacks may not stop even if the U.S. government ends its terrorism. Do you always go into crazy attack mode in discussions? Well its got a lot to do with this sort of terrorism you know? Putting words in people's mouths as an excuse to go attack them. Conflate one group with other groups as an excuse to go attack them. You have any idea how much you have in common with these people?

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I'm not the one trying to make it sound like the drones being used only target innocent civilians and the US military has nothing better to do with its time except take pot shots at people going to a market, or a wedding, or a funeral etc. Where as it is extremely unfortunate that there is collateral damage when trying to take out a viable target, and as much as I'd like to see a better and even more accurate weapon capable of only targeting the viable target without any damage to those around them there isn't one as far as public knowledge is concerned. Since when has war been considered a gentleman's sporting game where everything goes perfect 100%? And I know it doesn't help when a US (and lets not forget NATO) soldier does something heinous like actually target and murder innocent people with intent.

Fact is, drones are effective and it is easier to replace a machine than a person (on either side). Call it terrorism if that is your perception of the entire situation. But let me know when you create a better method of prevention for these Islamists. Education? You'd be surprised at how many of the top Islamists are quite well educated and will attempt any possible method to undermine anyones attempt to "improve" the lives of the people in the countries they're active in. How about economic viability? The Islamists will destroy that too, since they'll find something un-Islamic about anything they don't agree with and if the people live better, they'll be less likely to fall into a controllable despair that Islamists want to gain power with.

One thing you should realize is that in spite of everything going on the US even when it "invades" another country, doesn't try to leave utter destruction behind without trying to show the people of that country how to rebuild and assist as best as possible. Hows that for terrorism?

As for the Islamists (which by the way is the main reason the US went to that region in the FIRST PLACE) what have they built after all the destruction they cause? When they blow up a market filled with hundreds of innocent civilians, what do they do after that? Provide medical assistance to the wounded? Feed, clothe, and put a roof over the head of the orphans, widows, homeless they create? How about building a school that will educate the people afterwards? And I don't mean another Islamic school to brainwash the masses...

Don't get me wrong I don't believe that the US is perfect, nor am I some patriotic nut that believes his country is beyond reproach. But I find it utterly disgusting that some people believe that by completely ignoring the main cause of a problem (overzealous religious fanatics) has absolutely nothing to do with the current situation and just decide that only one issue is the cause of. May as well blame Britain for creating the situation in which the US was founded in the first place right? Its all the fault of that little fish that decided it wanted to get out of the ocean and walk on land and breath oxygen? We could blame everyone except the main perpetrators doing these actions with that kind of thinking.

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