Au pair scandal hits Australian politician who helped oust PM


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People, and politicians are not immune, tend not to realize the conflict of interest created by their own's judgment. If any relationship, it should have been dealt by another.

Au pair/baby sitting are not awful law breakers (usually they are the onds to be exploited...) but none shall be authorized outside the rules.

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Australian politician is dishonest - what a shocker.

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Peter Dutton also facilitated the admission of 12000 Syrian Refugees in one year. Surely that must ofset this business of a couple of "special Cases". Or does it?

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so glad this dolt didn't become PM

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Peter Dutton also facilitated the admission of 12000 Syrian Refugees in one year. Surely that must ofset this business of a couple of "special Cases".

Just to keep things in perspective, Australia's normal immigration intake is capped at 190,000 a year. And since then Dutton hasn't shown any interest in admitting any more refugees - quite the opposite. In the two cases cited in this article, he appears to have misused his powers as Minister to do favours either for people that he knew personally, or who were connected to his political party. Which leads on to the next comment...


Australian politician is dishonest - what a shocker.

I think you made a mistake. Your post should have read: "Politician is dishonest - what a shocker."

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Australia border security is one of the toughest in the world. Some custom officers and immigration officers are unnecessary targeting unsuspecting victims with tricky questions. They trick their unsuspecting victim tourists to talk about work and how much money they have and how they will support themselves while they were in Australia.

If the tourists have fallen into their trap and given the wrong answer and then they will be deported back to their country on the next available flight.

They will ask you questions like, "do you want to work cash in hand job like part time waitress or waiter or kitchen hand or want to go to the fruit firms for to pick up fruit if you have the opportunity to do while you stay in Australia?". If you answered, "Yes, I'll like doing it and it'll help me to spend a little more pocket money" and then you will be deported back to your country on the next available flight. Tourist visa cannot work any kind of job when you’re staying Australia.

Usually, the immigration officers will target tourist who seeks 90 tourist visa in entry check point and tip-off to customs officer and immigration officer. The customs officer will take tourist who doesn't declare any goods to declare to custom and will ask tricky questions and the immigration officer will take over from customs officer and take unsuspecting tourists into the interview room. Most of them will fall into the trap of immigration officers and their visa was cancelled and deporting them back to their country.

Most of young tourists from Europe and America are coming with 90 day tourist visa and they will stay until their visa end. You don't have to expect them to go out and sightseeing day after day. Some will try to find waitress or waiter job or go to pick up fruit in the firms as local experience where no Aussie will want to work.

I think, if someone (relative or friend) in Australia has guaranty they (tourists) will not work or broke the visa condition and the relative or friend will look-after their welfare while they stay in Australia and then the tourist should be allowed to enter Australia.

I have watched the Australian Border Security on TV and the immigration officers will get advice from their supervisor if they have doubts about the tourist's visa condition and contact to relative and friend of tourists if the tourist has relative in Australia. If the relative takes responsibility for the tourist and then the tourist was allowed to enter into Australia and continue their holiday.

So, I don't see any problems with Peter Dutton office intervention on two French women and one Italian woman's visa situation. Also, the peoples who lobby for those French women and Italian woman are wealthy and respectable peoples. Also, the tourists will not threat to Australian security and peoples' lives. I don't have any problem with these two cases and Peter Dutton has done nothing wrong about that. The Labor, Green, Refugee activists and media are targeting especially to the Peter Dutton because his toughs immigration policy.

If you're planning to come Australia and then you have to do homework and collect information about popular tourist sites and bring enough money before you come. The immigration and custom officers will ask where you will go to visit and sightseeing and stay. How much money do you?  You have to expect to go to the immigration interview room if the immigration officer did not satisfy with your answer.

You cannot bring restriction goods, drugs and declare everything foods they bring except used clothes when you come to visit Australia. You must remove and discard the label on any unused items and also, removed the label and use the hand bag on entry if you brought a genuine brand or counterfeit hand bag or watch. Most young Chinese travelers and returned Chinese students will bring a counterfeit Gucci hand bag with label. Sometimes they end up with custom duty over a thousand dollars for a faked Gucci handbag or given fine for faked items and the faked goods will be destroyed.

Also, you shouldn't bring any work related documents and papers, education certificates when you visit with tourist visa. You can't come and enroll school on a tourist visa in Australia. You have to do homework when you're going holiday in Australia and Canada. Both Countries have similar toughest border security.

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There's a big difference between a migrant and a refugee. Under the terms of the Refugee Convention the Refugees have to be mollycoddled and pampered --provided with accommodation,medical and dental needs and money to buy the odds and ends that they may require. One day they might even get a job and start paying taxes. But many,with 7,8,9 children or more never do because they get more money on Government Allowances. A burden on the host country!

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