Aussie PM breaks silence on 'troubling' smoke crisis


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A leader is leading by seeing the future, sadly this sad excuse of a meat sack fails in all categories. It's no wonder he prays because that's all he has a wish and a hope.

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Literally impossible to prove this is in any way connected to climate change, but the media has determined that so long as a claim falls in line with climate change alarmism it requires zero proof.

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Severe droughts, extreme weather and severe bushfires have been synonymous with Australia for millennia. The fact there are so many fires at present is more of a coincidence than anything else. The conservative parties have contributed to the fires more than climate change by banning controlled back burning and not allowing the forestry ministry to cut adequate fire breaks through the forests. But, yeah, let’s blame it all on climate change. It’s an easy scapegoat to take the blame of those who are actually responsible.

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Experts in science, Universities, CSIRO {Australian science agency } Fire Chiefs, volunteer fire fighters ...everyone with something to add...are saying this IS climate change related.

The Bureau of Meteorology has kept standardized records across Australia since Federation in 1901.

The figures, temperature readings don't lie.

Australia is getting hotter and drier and its related to climate change.

People denying this get their puny information , not from scientists, but from Face Book or shadowy denier sites funded by fossil fuels .{See "Dark Money " for a thousand references }

Murdoch media is the most widely read news papers in Australia and it panders to the worst of Australians character.

The sneering, anti intellectual dismissiveness of things to difficult to understand .

We really are in a bad place at the moment ....

Deniers...get the hell out of the bloody way !!!!

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Deniers...get the hell out of the bloody way !!!!

Like religous dogmatists branded skeptics as heretics, climate change dogma dictates that skeptics be branded 'deniers'. The fact that it's impossible to prove because many variable exist that affect climate beyond the greenhouse effect is ignored by alarmists as it would trigger cognitive dissonance. After all, that kind of logic is consistent with a scientific approach, and science(TM) is on THEIR side.

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Climate deniers do almost as much damage as climate change itself. They delay or stop any action being taken to stop man made influences on climate change. Perhaps nations should make climate change denying a crime and fine those who deny the evidence being gathered and supplied by scientists around the world.

These scientists are the smartest most educated people in regards to climate science. Believe them over "backyard" scientists with no education or knowledge on the subject of climate history or change.

It is everyone's planet, even yours.

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Scomo sure needs to step up on the global warming / environmental issues. Australia is sadly lacking.

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I'm guessing that the "deniers" have never seen the fury of an Australian bush fire where eucalyptus trees explode 50 meters before the flames reach them as do wooden houses.  Or probably never seen "crowning" where the ground temperature gets so hot that a whole stand of trees collectively are engulfed in flames.  Or perhaps the "deniers" have never seen fires larger than greater London - and then being only one of many.  Or tropical rain forests that have never burnt in the knowledge of mankind now laid to waste.  Perhaps "deniers" who call for fire breaks do not realise that Australian bush fires leap across rivers and embers travel through the heated atmosphere and drop down to start new fires many kilometres from where they came.  Are "deniers" aware that bush fires are so intense that they create their own lightening storms?  Are the "deniers" aware that these bush fires have been raging for months?  Starting well before the recognised fire season?

Or are these "deniers" in denial?  And if yes, to what end?

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could damage Morrison in conservative-voting mining communities, split his party and risk tipping a fragile economy into crisis.


And compared to the economic losses increasing drought, wildfires, flooding, dying of the great barrier reef?

Losses of agriculatural and tourism industry alone will be huge

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The haze is only from the smoke of the bushfires, Indonesian farmers burn land every year the smoke goes as far as Singapore then disappears when the fires are extinguished, the same will happen here.

ifd66Today 03:21 pm JST

Losses of agriculatural and tourism industry alone will be huge

Despite the drought exports of beef and lamb will be one of the highest record, farmers have moved to feedlots to support production.

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I'm guessing that the "deniers" have never seen 

Indeed, just look at how a couple years ago the entire Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys flooded, marking the greatest flood in California history. It all occurred due to unusually warm weather that melted the snow in the mountains. How can people see something like that occur and NOT connect the dots???

Oh wait, that was the Great Flood of 1862, long before CO2 levels rose. Well gee, shame it didn't occur this decade. Climate alarmists would have a field day parading it as incontrovertible proof of climate change. Thankfully, there's always going to be a catastrophic weather event to hold up as proof. Let's conveniently ignore the part where recorded history is incredibly short, relatively speaking, so records are broken all the time. Let's ignore that there are more humans alive today than at any point in human history, so far more humans are going to be impacted by draughts, hurricans, etc. Let's also just cherry-pick outliers and never talk about places where very little if anything has changed. Don't actually approach this scientifically or statistically after all, even though 'our' side is supposed to be the factual and logical side, while the 'deniers' don't believe in facts or logic!

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Here is something I've probably said before.

Its aimed at deniers with zero expertise in science.

1/Almost all nations {certainly ALL advanced nations have accepted climate science and have policies you can see online . Eg google "Singapore policy on climate change ". "Israel policy..."

In fact substitute any nations name and see for yourself

2/The EU, and UK among a number of other nations, states and cities have declared "a Climate Emergency "

3/There is no science agency, doing any research work, {drilling ice cores, measuring atmospheres, measuring sea temperatures and sea levels etc} that disagrees with the acceptance of climate science

4/Banks have policies on climate change .They wont lend for coal mining in many instances.

5/ Insurance giants, sovereign wealth funds , superannuation funds, venture capital etc all have warnings about climate change

6/ The US Army Joint Chiefs of Staff have spoken of the challenges climate change will present to the armed forces all over the world. Issues like famine, natural disaster, drought, forced migration etc

7/New York is building/reinforcing a billion dollar wall to protect Staten Island from climate driven rising sea levels and storms

8/Fossil fuel giants like Shell Petroleum and Exxon have issued statements accepting the science of climate change and vowing to change business model and practices

9/Lyndon B Jonhson POTUS gave an address to congress in 1965 speaking of how CO2 levels in the atmosphere are affecting the worlds climate

10/ Finally, to you you know better than these world giants in science, power and money .? Does your snide face book sourced comments really work to undermine the science accepted by all but coal exporting nations like Australia and USA

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Australia is the world's biggest exporter of coal. Even the PM brings a lump with him to parliament for a paper weight or throw at the climate changers.

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The haze is only from the smoke of the bushfires, Indonesian farmers burn land every year the smoke goes as far as Singapore then disappears when the fires are extinguished,

Well that haze from fires in Indonesia affects Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and goes away when the fires burn out or the wind direction changes, further majority for these fires are peat fires which are not easily extinguished, this haze stays for weeks even months with the PSI level shooting into hazardous range. And yes these are not natural but man made fires, no relation to any CO2 styled climate change pseudo science.

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Something like 98% of all climate scientists in the world have stated that climate change is happening.

They aren't joking.

That's much better than 4 out of 5 dentists recommending toothpaste, yet I bet everyone uses toothpaste.

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Something like 98% of all climate scientists in the world have stated that climate change is happening. 

They aren't joking.

Some people are driven by political ideology rather than science. You can get these people to believe anything.

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Use Tesla batteries to power giant fans?

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