Australians cautiously return to bars, cafes

By Saeed KHAN

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Too soon. Still over 1000 active cases in NSW alone. It only takes 1 to spread and cause another wave. It's purely a move to keep the economy alive at this stage.

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The state's and territories have done really well so have Aussies in general most have followed the rules. 93% of Australiana are happy with all Governments response to the covid 19 pandemic. Only 50 odd people currently in hospital, listen to the experts do the right thing all should be good, time to open up, slowly.

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Good luck to Australia. All nations are going to have to slowly work their way back to re-opening to preserve, or rather minimize the damage to their economies while simultaneously working to contain the Covid19 spread. A tough task for every country and their governments.

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Lucky Ozzies down the pub again drink a birthday pot for me :)

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Someone screams, "The second wave is coming! The second wave is coming!"

Aussies quickly grab their surfboards.

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Very good decision Australia.

Let life come back and let the people smile again.

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Australia - great country and great people. Nice to see a picture of a peaceful city without armed, violent mobs roaming through the neighborhoods terrorizing ordinary folks...with Confederate flags and Trump 2020 banners...

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For Magnet - "Active cases is a calculation based on total cases excluding persons recovered and lives lost, it does not mean that these cases are infectious. 417" not 1000. Please don't guess - fake news.

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Over 12,000 tests done this week with less than 10 new cases.

the beaches are open again. Yahoo!

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