Aussies flock to Kiwi migration site after election

By Saeed KHAN

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Wow. Haven't been following the election but is Morrison really that scary? Grass must suddenly looks greener for some reason.

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well Aussies move to NZ on regular basis seen a lot of them over there,

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Most of these "Äustralians" are probably New Zealanders returning.

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While Aussies are normally quick to joke about their Kiwi neighbours, the prospect of three years under conservative Morrison appears to have many contemplating a dash across the sea to New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) said the number of Australians visiting its website for prospective migrants increased 12-fold to 8,522 the day after the election, up from 715 the previous Sunday.

It doesn't mean anything, they could be retirees knowing that there "franking credits" are now safe they can afford to live in New Zealand now.

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I can understand leftwing voters wanting to move after a rightwing election win, but on many metrics Australia still seems like a more progressive society than NZ. Australia has higher taxes on the super rich, higher taxes on corporations, lower taxes on the poor, and a higher minimum wage.

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Sure just like none of the US liberals actually moved to Canada after threatening to do so.

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Strange reaction.

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What do the native aboriginals have to say?

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Will any of the many Kiwis who live in Oz be going back? Most likely not!

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Just screen the Oz nationalists like the Christchurch shooter

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