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Australia's economy powers ahead as consumers keep spending

By Glenda KWEK

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I've no idea how they do it, they're the most workshy bunch of people I've ever met.

Don't take that wrong though please, Aussies are a good bunch.

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ClippetyClop - I've no idea how they do it, they're the most workshy bunch of people I've ever met.

Aussies might not work long, but they work hard and and well. The 8 hour working day was created in Australia nearly 150 years ago. 8 hours work, 8 hours rest and 8 hours sleep.

It is very difficult to compare Australia’s economy with Japan’ due to Australia’s natural resource exports. However, commodity prices are higher in Australia, but salaries are also higher. The biggest difference is, taxes are lower than Japan. Most workers pay around 25% income tax, which includes the basic pension and basic health insurance. Whereas, pension, health insurance, ward tax and income tax add up to nearly 35% of one’s salary.

Aussies are not workshy. They are worksmart!

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Australia is also polar opposite to Japan when it comes to labor rights and laws, and avenues to pursue when employees are treated unfairly. So for those that think the hard-conservative approach is best, you are just forcing your own people to suffer and your economies to shrink. Australians fought hard for their rights, and actively protect them. Japan could learn something from that...

As mentioned above, Australians have nothing against working hard - they just don't like to waste time and often cut straight to the core of things. They strongly believe in work/life balance. It's an infinitely more positive and productive work culture, hour for hour.

The people, in general, are far better informed and active in debate. And finally, the numbers are not completely fudged and skewed, unlike when Japan reports low unemployment rates and economic booms etc...

Oh! One more thing... all of this was built on immigration, multiculturalism and tolerance toward immigrants. Think about that. Sure, Australia has its problems, too. But they pale in comparison to the social problems that the 'homogeneous society' of Japan suffers daily. The problems that everyone refuses to confront.

Still though, the more you point out how Japan could improve, the more they double down in archaic, tribal thinking.

Well done, Australia!

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It's not just me, the above comments say it all and the statistics back it up. People applaud a growth figure of 0.02% in Japan. but Australia actually has whole numbers. Work less are paid more and have an expanding population birth rate. Might be time for a government department to form a group to discuss having a meeting to decide who to send to find out how to make a growing happy society that isn't THE THIRD BIGGEST economy in the world.

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Aussies are not workshy. They are worksmart!

I guess I stand corrected! Good to see a nation that tries to encourage its citizens to enjoy life.

I remember PM Bob Hawke after Australia won the America's Cup in the 80's, ''I'll tell you what … any boss who sacks anyone today for not turning up is a bum.''

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I've no idea how they do it, they're the most workshy bunch of people I've ever met.

2 words: lucky country!

I've asked myself (& discussed with my mates/bosses/clients) the same question thousands of times. Different reasons imo: a great small population & (almost) unlimited natural resources combo, a very successful immigration policy (especially compared to euros), less regional tensions than in other parts of the world (which means a more stable country/economy) etc.

As for aussies themselves, they're a very diverse bunch (strength) and most ppl who choose to live there tend to get on with things (which is great for bosses & the economy). Unlike euros, they don't take to the streets nor over-politicise issues, they genuinely try to solve pbms. Overall, i think they're more pragmatic (sometimes 'too'), rational, no-nonsense etc than others. In my experience, Americans (& saffas) work harder, euros work smarter but aussies just have the right attitude/approach towards work (& life). Not for everyone though.

As for Japan, where do we begin?

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@goldorak you nailed it. Aussie view is let's make whatever we do as easy as possible. Grew up there them moved to my fathers country NZ and got to say NZ is a absolute paradise. Also leaps and bounds above what I endure living in Jp.

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@cricky agree, NZ is very tempting (love welly & southern lakes). Toss up between nz & tassie ( i need at least one footy side -any code- based in tas though... and a job ;). Off-topic, i know.

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Lol at comparing Australia to Japan, two different countries economically and geologically. Oz doesn't get the countless natural disasters like JPN does.

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Oz doesn't get the countless natural disasters like JPN does.

That's a blanket statement if ever I have seen one. They just don't dramatize it as much with an endless 'we are victims' narrative. Or it could be that people usually don't build in areas that are likely to be flooded or prone to bushfire etc. If they do build there, they make attempts to be prepared (i.e. strong materials, firebreaks etc). It's known as common sense in Australia.

As for the earthquakes, you can bet your life TEPCO couldn't pull off the crap they did here and get away with it.

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