Former Australian PM Morrison says he took five ministries because he was 'steering the ship'

By Kirsty Needham

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The parallelism with the Titanic is unavoidable. The man who was in Hawaii as Australia wildfires raged, though not agree with the treasurer calling him dictatorial. Australia remains an outstanding democracy over there.

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Australia has gone off the rails. Led by dictators like Morrison and Dictator Dan.

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The man is a buffoon. What was the point of the secrecy? Didn’t he realise that if he’d actually started exercising more of that so-called power than he did, that people would notice?

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If he was sworn in five times, then he also gets sworn out five times, too.

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Led by dictators like Morrison and Dictator Dan.

You obviously haven’t noticed. “Dictator”Morrison, and his party, were voted out of government a few months back. He didn’t try to dispute the result. So-called “Dictator Dan” faces an election in November. These democratic processes, decided by the people, aren’t usually a problem faced by real dictators.

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BigYeen: It is also compulsory to vote and because of this our governance is keep to a very high standard and with Moronson doing yet another underhanded act along with all the others he committed during his political carreer is his standard, Most will not remember but when he was the Immigration Minster he had the department totally ban from the media. No one could ask a question about illegal entry of refugees Total back ban on any info concerning boats interception. I predict that if they start digging into all the Ministeries he was head of they find serious criminal charges.

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I suppose god told hm to do it. The Liberal Party, if they do indeed believe in Australian democracy, must sever all ties with him. John Clarke (may he Rest In Peace) and Brian Dawe would have had a field day with this guy.

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You could well be right. Who knows what a man will do, when he believes he’s on a mission from God?

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he felt the responsibility for the nation was his alone

God Complex

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Was he volunteering or taking the paycheck ?

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Democratically elected Dictators may actually be a good thing, no ? You get what you voted for, and you can reject that later on. Though the Power of the electorate as a whole, must be enshrined in any Constitution for this to work - not to end up like Russia or China.

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5 ministries and he did it all on a single there is a model for the politics going forward, saving us taxpayers some serious money in the process.

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Better a hawkish defender than a democratic panderer to the Chinese. Bring back ScoMo

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Better a hawkish defender than a democratic panderer to the Chinese. Bring back ScoMo

Defender? Gimme a break. Any excuse to make you feel better. Talk about putting a positive spin.

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gintonic Aug. 17  09:58 pm JST

5 ministries and he did it all on a single salary...

Sarcasm right?

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Meh storm in a tea cup. PM Morrison didn't use the powers (like he says - it was advised to him by his Attorney General, the highest law officer of the land), it was purely there in case the minister in charge got hit with covid. His own role was backed up by his Deputy.

Don't believe anything the Australian media say, Australia has the worst media landscape in the world. On the far right we have the Murdoch empire (yes Mordoch is an Australian), and on the far left we have the national broadcaster the ABC. Everything else just fall into line (left or right) on particular issue.

This issue is promoted heavily by the ABC who can't be trusted in this age of rising China because they're essentially communists living in a capitalist haven. These guys will destabilize Australia at the drop of a hat, eg current PM Albanese was praised for pi$$ing $820 million up a French wall to close the submarine deal, but if that was Morrison it would have been armagedon.

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Rupert murdoch is Australian-born, however, he is an American citizen, presumably because his style of fascism suits that country.

now, Morrison on the other hand, is a self-important, ideologically driven, accidental prime minister. Should never have been in the position of becoming PM, except that he failed up in his various careers prior.

i just hope he’s not getting the 5 pensions of those ministries he secretly ‘headed’.

what a do-nothing pretender.

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