Australia's PM says former PM Morrison took on secret ministerial roles during COVID


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Yet, the article itself tells us that no laws were broken. I don't know enough about Australian Politics or these involved , but this rather just seems like a political stunt by current government to discredit the former. Wager good money it comes to nothing.

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Scotty from Marketing could do more than just, you know.... Marketing?

Who knew?

"This isn't some, you know, local footy club," 

A) Pardon the Yankee ignorance but what is a footy club? Are they all local or is there a regional or perhaps an international chapter? B) How does one join? (Asking for a "friend"...)

But joking, and the rule of law aside, it would seem rather important that the public know whom is doing what in an elected government.

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Wow, this allegation will need some extra prayers with his Hillsong nutjobs...

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First rule of political, regime change is to project your own profile positively.

Reviewing your predecessor and their actions is among the lazy things to do.


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He likes vocation in Hawaill more than anything even Australia was burning by wildfire in 2019. It was a bit shocked he cares th Covid epidemic.

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Weird how some people don't see a problem with a government doing things in secret and pretending otherwise...

If they have nothing to hide, why didn't they announce it as is expected from public servants?

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As the local media are saying, the problem with this is not so much what he did - which was basically trying to prevent too much power residing with individual Ministers in a time of crisis - as with keeping it secret. Not only secret from the people, but even from his own team. You can’t keep things like this secret, as Morrison is now finding out.

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Why be 'Prime Minister' when you can be 'Supreme Leader'?

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Democratic leaders secretly desire the supreme authority of authoritarian leaders.

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No "laws broken " but the Westminster system was trampled.

Former PM {Liberal } Turnball thinks it was wrong, current {Liberal } members think it was wrong.

Doesnt seem like an ALP stunt to investigate this [ as described above] to me.

But Scotty is guided by divine principles that may not manifest themselves to ordinary citizens.

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You could say taking on the portfolio of health could be something done in a time of "crisis " {covid }

BUT , he took on two other portfolios as well {mining for example } , he DID NOT disclose these arrangements to his Cabinet or the Australian people and I note that Australia has been in "crisis " during various World Wars, conflicts and depression without the need for such arrangements by a PM.

Professor of Australian Constitutional Law, Anne Twomey , is scathing of Morrison's actions in an opinion piece in other media.

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