Australia's Queensland lifts most state border curbs in boost to economy

By Colin Packham

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About time...tourist towns like Cairns have been ghost towns for months.

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the Qld premier has not listened to local businesses & has kept Queensland closed longer than need be.

She obviously had her own agenda, to the detriment of the local tourist industry

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I think both Australia and New Zealand have done very well with their pandemics.

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I am a little bit confused about your posts....

Are you living in Japan or Australia?

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@ Marcelito

How do you know this? Are you here in Cairns. Sure the tourists are down but government support is keeping them afloat. Building is booming, the shops are full, Bunnings is doing a roaring trade and rental vacancies are low. We are not begging in the streets here.

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Mazzda...that's good to know champ. From what I heard from friends in tourism industry up there it has been crap of a year ...sure there is Jobkeeper, Home builder and other govt help , Esplanade being re-done, Cook highway upgrade etc, low rental vacancies because not many new apartment buildings being built ( mostly stand alone houses from what I read & hear ) ..I'm well aware of it. From today with the border reopened the domestic tourism should make up for the international numbers...but...what industry are you in? Again ,anecdotal evidence I heard from friends in tourism / airlines was bleak....If that was not correct , I'm more than happy to hear that since I love FNQ.

Monty- just because I live in Japan doesn't mean I can't keep up with what's happening in other countries.

Internet is a wonderful thing :)

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Internet is a wonderful thing :)

I agree.

But please dont forget that besides Google, JT and Co. is a real life.

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But please dont forget that besides Google, JT and Co. is a real life.

Lol...agreed Monty...sure trying to live life to the fullest before it passes us by ,old chap...:)

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How did Australia close the border within its own territory?

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A few details you might not find in the internet.

The tourism industry has been crap for quite a while, with various international carriers pulling out of the market long before the virus. The days of the mass Japanese numbers are over. There was a small blip in Chinese tourism and property buying but they preferred elsewhere and their airlines pulled out last year. Seasonal domestic tourism has held up and is a steady business and will be assisted greatly by the open borders. Tourism operators say there are about 8 good months in the year due to the weather. Tourism jocks and there quite a few are champion complainers always on the local TV whining about the lack of government support so you need to be careful as to who you listen too.

Apartments- There was a frenzy of apartment building when the banks were lending for anything before the GFC hit and all the developers went broke leaving a huge number of unsold apartments and it was so bad the government bought a number up for welfare housing. However endless housing estates have been built since and builders are still busy. A low vacancy rate indicates the a balanced demand/supply situation.

Cook highway- bypassing a roundabout, minor works.

Life is more than a mouse click time to visit FNQ.

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