Australian PM backs attorney-general accused of rape


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Australia's Attorney-General Christian Porter is unlikely to clear his name, his accuser has reached out beyond the grave and has him by the throat.

The allegations date back more than three decades, when Porter was 17 and his accuser was 16, and they competed alongside each other on a four-member school debate team.

Porter said he remembered his accuser as intelligent, bright and happy — but that nothing sexual occurred between them.

“It just didn’t happen,” he told reporters.

Nothing in life just didn't happen.

Sorry, but that is fate.

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Look I'm in shock, not as much as the Attorney General, for the PM to be so strong in support, that's not a good position to stand on. It has and will never be tested before any court. Public opinion now judge the story, not a forgiving jury. I certainly don't want to have my actions at 17 judged today. Stupidity isn't a crime though. Rape is.

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For Australia's Attorney-General Christian Porter, social media/broadcasters will delve analyse his every move, twitch.

Crocodile tears as a seventeen-year-old with an uncontainable urge to move beyond the school debate team.

Hormones take over and he ravages, unable to take no answer.  

The next headline, best resign and contempt what never happened.

All above is an alleged supposition, a possible outcome, a scenario, you understand.

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The frontal lobe of logic not developed in either sex at those ages.

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Whatever actions, Australia's Attorney-General Christian Porter allegedly, did or didn't commit have come back to haunt him, laterally.

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Friends in high places is very handy.

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literally, fingers and thumbs

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I really don't know what to make of this? Did she confide to anyone at the time, if so they should come forward. Also show the complaint she filed with the police, usually they ask very graphic questions. Sad case all round

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Both teenagers, 17, 16 respectively.

Yet here we are, Christian Porter denies any wrong doing.

"If I stand down from my position as attorney-general because of an allegation about something that simply did not happen, then any person in Australia can lose their career, their job, their life’s work based on nothing more than an accusation that appears in print,”

Now that is Christian Porter, the lawyer, Australia's Attorney-General. 

Is this the true reality of events?

Or a man finally having to face up to his alleged accusations of rape?

This is the essence of the court of public opinion.

There are only victims,

The context is deciding guilt and innocence.

The rope is hung on the whim of a social media/broadcaster pollster.

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Once your painted with the perv brush, whether you deserve it or not, your career is over.

Only safety from this is in daily of the Pence rule.

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Only safety from this is in daily of the Pence rule.

True. Better to be falsely accused of misogyny than rape. Pence rule makes rape all but impossible- you would think people on the Left would support that. But alas - no.

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