Australia's Victoria state mandates coronavirus testing for returning travelers


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So dumb that they haven't been doing this all along.

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It means not "With Corona" but "With Testing" in the post corona Orwellian world. It's insane and I wouldn't like to take it for granted.

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More proof that Politicians aren’t the sharpest tools in the box

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Containing it, though, is something that we can do, and test and trace is the most effective thing to do."


Quite the opposite of certain countries.

Despite the spike in Victoria, Australia's 7,700 cases and 104 deaths remain well below that of many other nations.

Credible numbers obtained after massive testing.

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1/ Its not "self quarantine "'s mandatory quarantine with Border Force or similar making sure you don't leave your hotel room where 98% of the quarantine occurs

2/Quarantine is for 14 days, the best estimate for the virus to show itself.

3/Hence not foolish to have omitted to test in the past.....I accept this should now occur, but a {maybe false } neg. wouldn't change the length of quarantine .

4/Im in Japan and want to return to Oz but I couldn't take 14 days in a hotel room.

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I doubt if they are still "returned travellers" Aussies were told to come home 3 months ago. Mostly duel citizens or extentended families on compassionate grounds for a safer option and better health care in Australia.

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