Australia abolishes divisive carbon tax


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Because there is no global warming according to the PM.

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Electing a government is just like entering data in a computer: Garbage in, garbage out.

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We will be a global pariah??

Australia, Japan, the US and other major greenhouse gas emitters have long been global pariah. Here is just another example of myopic thinking and greed that just pushes higher cost onto future generations and those less able to adapt to a warmer and less predictable climate.

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They get rid after of the carbon tax because "it doesn't work" (according to Australian PM), yet after it's first full year in effect, Australia saw it's first non-downturn related fall in carbon emissions. Great work there, Tony. Not only is your head in the sand, but you've replaced a market based system that actually worked with a wish-list policy ("direct action") that economists pretty much all agree will do absolutely nothing. Great job. With that sort of logic, I'm interested to see what you'll stuff up next.

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A carbon tax is actually a much sensible idea than these stupid "carbon exchanges" that many governments have set up. A simple carbon tax would be easy to implement and offer a broad incentive to reduce energy consumption. Ideally, it should be combined with a lowering of income tax, which is essentially a punishment for work.

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Unbelievably short sighted.

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Taxing this to save the world is a dumb idea when the worlds major polluters don't partake, wheres china's and india's carbon tax ?

If there is going to be a solution to the problem taxing is not the answer.

How about fining the major polluters, how about shutting them down, how about some constructive ideas instead of just adding tax, how does the tax money solve the problem? Ridiculous, but i know some of you will say oh but the tax money goes into schemes to solve the problem, to that i say wake up !

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Well, China IS building 27 brand new nuclear reactors ya know.

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"Because there is no global warming according to the PM."

Not true, Abbott is saying climate change is not mainly brought about by mankind, which is true. Climate change is mainly brought about by - get ready - Mother Nature!

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And this is the country that thinks it has the moral high ground to teach Japan about whales.

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Australia weather does not favor Climate Change Scientists because Ross Garnaut President of Climate Change Authority had predicted there will be no rain and not enough drinking water for Australian peoples and Australia coastline will be submerge in 2009 I thought. Then, State Labor Governments in NSW, VIC, SA and QLD are rushing to build Desalination Plant in their state. Fed Labor Government had given Climate Change review Commission duty to Ross Garnaut.

Since Ross Garnaut predicted for Australian climate condition, Qld has lot of rain and even flooded and NSW too. VIC the weather has never been good like this before. In Victoria, we have rain, snow and cold weather for last 4 years. There's no coastline areas have been lost to sea too.

The Global warming believer scientists knew the earth weather has been changing for millions, millions of years and they blind eyes what actually revolting with earth and they try brain wash on weak peoples.

Carbon tax axing is right decision. Labor and Green wanted ETS in Australia and buy ten of billions of dollars worth of Emission Credit from overseas

Why Australian peoples have to pay for other CO2 polluters?

Australia was not big CO2 polluter anyway. Labor and Green Carbon tax had been damaged Australian economy and many manufactures were lost also car manufactures. Australians never should vote for Labor in future election.

We need direct action against Global warming. We need to plant more trees and less cutting forest. Deforestation is main factor in warm weather in some country.

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This is wonderful news from Australia, despite the recent intervention and meddling by the leader of the Climate Change cult, Al Gore. There has been ZERO "warming" for the past 18 years, and even the UN's ridiculous IPCC admits that. The climate alarmists cannot explain it, but are already trying to put the blame for the cooling trend on "global warming." It is so laughable. A carbon tax is ridiculous, and it has cost ordinary people dearly, with sky high energy bills. It is also anti industrial and anti human, which are the policies of the Greens and their friends in the Marxist environmentalist movement. Yesterday was a victory for the ordinary Australian people, and for democracy. Fewer and fewer people now "believe" in the entire Anthropogenic Climate Change Myths anymore. There have been too many dire predictions of doom, based on severely flawed computer modelling and downright fraudulent "science," as exposed a few years ago by the Climategate scandal. Three cheers for Tony Abbott. I wish we had him as our Prime Minister in the UK, where I am from, instead of the spineless and gutless PM we currently have, who does more U turns than a whirling Dervish. Yesterday was a great day for Australia, and for the world. There is nothing to fear from climate change. It is natural, and their isn't anything we humans can do about it. Anyway, despite all the doomsday scenarios, it just isn't happening.

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