Australia argues against 'endangered' Great Barrier Reef status


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“If the Great Barrier Reef is in danger, then every coral reef in the world is in danger,” Plibersek said. “If this World Heritage site is in danger, then most World Heritage sites around the world are in danger from climate change.”

Peerless whataboutery here. So, because other places might be in danger then the Great Barrier Reef should maintain its status? That seems contrary to what the whole purpose of World Heritage sites is all about. What she and the previous environmental vandals in the coalition don't like is simply the reduction in national prestige that would come with a downgrading. Instead, this could be the stark message Australian governments and people need to do something now while there is still a coral reef left.

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Those two pathetic pictures is all you could come up with for The Great Barrier Reef ?

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The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is thriving and teeming with life.

there is no change. Everything remains constant in the cycle of life.

As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.

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Great to see Australia lying to the world to protect its fossil fuel economy. I’m a scuba diver so I find it disgusting.

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“The reason that UNESCO in the past has singled out a place as at risk is because they wanted to see greater government investment or greater government action and, since the change of government, both of those things have happened,” she added.

When the causes of putting something in the "at risk" list are local then of course the motive is to make those reasons improve.

The Barrier Reef is in danger because of climate change, which obviously is a global problem, so the actions of one single country are not enough to eliminate those risks. What does it matter that Australia reduces CO2 emissions? would that have a significative effect at preventing climate change? because if not that means the Reef would still be in danger.

The problem is that the Environment Minister thinks the denomination is purely pressure to make Australia do something, in reality it is just a reflection of the real possibility that the Reef will be lost because of a global problem.

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The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is thriving and teeming with life.

there is no change. Everything remains constant in the cycle of life.

Have you seen the bleached coral in the GBR?

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Glad I was able to see it when I did :/

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