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Australia asks -- again: Did a dingo kill the baby?


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Amazing this whole saga, I remember at the time it had everyone engrossed.

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In Canada a Siberian Husky just killed a three week old baby.

In 2007 another killed one in Perth.

Hard to believe she would not believed because there was no record of specifically a dingo doing this and because some guesstimated that a dingo they never saw would not be strong or desperate enough.

Both mother and father and other campers heard the growl and the cry. What sort of conspiracy theorist nut does it take to believe someone would cook this up, convince or fool their spouse, and trick third parties too?

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It was a sorry, sad story in Australia's modern history. As a small kid I clearly recall my parents - who always maintained Lindy's innocence - getting involved in heated discussions with their best friends about Lindy Chamberlain over BBQs. The case divided friends and families like no other. The poor woman was innocent - but there are still people out there who think she is the devil incarnate.

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Whenever I hear this case, I can't stop thinking about Meryl Streep's Ozzie accent and THAT hairstyle.

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"Fantastic article that captures the time and the blinkered attitudes."

Agreed. A refreshing change on JT.

I was too young to remember, but saw the Streep film years back. Mostly it was her attitude that got her convicted, but I've no doubt she was innocent. What a shittly life the whole family must have had.

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An excellent article. I remember this being debated at the time, and the trump card that was always played was, "But everyone knows that dingos never killed anyone!" ... and then a few years later the revelation that "everyone" was wrong.

On the whole I think that the fact that Australians are upset about this miscarriage of justice is very positive, in many countries it would be swept under the carpet, and while it was a tragedy it demonstrates a fundamental concern with fairness and justice, rather than simple legality, at the heart of Australia that is so sadly lacking in many countries.

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This should be a lesson to all of us not just Australians. Never expected to see this type of story in Japan Today and the detail and depth is fantastic.

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Great article... For those that know more about the case and the time, is it fairly correct?

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I lived and worked for Ayres Rock resort for 3 years and not long after I arrived in 1988 I asked a local about the Lindy Chamberlain case and it was common knowledge that the Dingo had taken the baby . It's a shame Lindy was locked up for so long and even worse that so many people thought she could have done that to her own daughter !

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Goes to show just how horrible a thing prejudice is.

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