Australia begins long clean-up as floodwaters recede


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which scientists ? The guy who said our dams will never ever be full because of climate change. We have had floods and droughts recorded in our short 200 odd year history well before the invention of the words climate change . Sorry this event happens in Australia but not as frequent as Japan with its floods from Typhoons.. dont see the Japanese scientists blaming Typhoons on climate change

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Globally, there will be more extreme weather events. Anyone who hasn't noticed the increased frequency of such events, has not been paying attention.

Governments tend to spend as little as they can get away with on coastal/flood defences and water supply networks.

In the future, that has to change, and quickly.

We need to implement schemes that manage extreme incidents and preserve resources. We need to terraform resilience into our environment.

That means we store more water when it falls and have the ability to move it around during droughts. Just as we have underfloor and undersoil heating, we may need to ring large residential areas with piped water that can act as a shield against fire, soaking large areas of land, or maybe moat large communities with new watercourses. If electricity pylons can spark and cause fires, we need to protect cabling better, maybe move it underground. We need more distributed power production, from solar panels on domestic properties to domestic turbines. This should be fully networked with local storage units. Crops may need to be protected, under cover and on the farm-sized equivalent of a raised bed. Flood waters need somewhere to go to avoid destroying communities and crops.

Doing this can promote economic growth and supply employment, as well as protecting people and making a greener world.

It's been worrying hearing of the suffering in Australia. It was always a fairly extreme environment, so it was always going to be an early victim of climate change. It will have to begin the process of increasing environmental resilience sooner than the rest of us, but we will all have to do it.

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