Australian boy, 12, runs away to Bali using family credit card


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Cheeky little sod! Too bad parents these days are just not legally able anymore to 'sort these little buggers out' before this runaway behaviour gets away on them.

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$8K!? I suspect the mood in that household is dire right now..

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He spent four days in Bali, where he said he checked into a hotel, hired a scooter and drank beer before a friend alerted his mother to a geotagged video of himself playing in a swimming pool.

LOL. This kid is going to be a legend at his school.

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Haha - bloody legend !!

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Dude, he is so busted. Probably worth it, though.

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He took "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" to another level. Mad props to the enterprising young gent. I loved the added nose thumbing of renting a scooter and having a few pints as well. Seems that nobody checks ID in Bali.

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LOL $8k for 4 days and its cheap as hell to fly to Bali from anywhere in Aus.

5 star all the way hey bro! First class! lol

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Kid’s gonna be a rockstar. If he’s guided well, that is. He made a lot of calculations and planned superbly. Of course the family would be pretty mad at him, but I’m kinda biased only towards what he pulled off!!!

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Maybe he was big for his age and started shaving already?

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Silver spoon syndrome

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Australia has gone some way to redeeming itself after the ball-tampering/bawling on TV nonsense.

If this cheeky little bugger is anything to go by, we could have a new generation of Aussies worthy of respect.

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Forethought, lack of boundaries. Not good.

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I sense a movie soon...

Future get-it-done CEO. sometimes you just need a vacation, a little me time.

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His exasperated mother's statement makes the entire article: "He just doesn't like the word 'no', and that's what I got, a kid in Indonesia".

Makes me want to hug my kids.

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Will the money be refunded to the parents?

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Why didn't the parents hide and lock up his passport if they were so worried?

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Charge him with theft and after time served tell him never to come back home again.

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Anazing that some here are expressing admiration for this kid who has gotten an early start as a criminal. Would you be this full of praise if his hijinks included stealing from YOUR pocket?

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That kid is going places!

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Anazing that some here are expressing admiration for this kid who has gotten an early start as a criminal. Would you be this full of praise of his hijinks included stealing from YOUR pocket?

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I wish a kid like this onto all those who think he is 'cool' or a 'legend'. Yeah, very funny. It's not a movie or video game. Can you imagine how the parents felt? (Not talking about the money).) And the kid could have gotten into serious trouble in Bali, the beer plus scooter aside. I feel for them, even if they created this kid.

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Thanks for the info!

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If I was his parents, cancel the credit card and leave him there. His choices would be prison in Bali’s notarious prisons for stealing or working as a child prostitute. He would learn a lesson about life pretty quickly.

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His parent's should make him pay off the debt he racked up when he's old enough to work. As well as the interest accrued up until he's old enough to get a job.

The airlines should be held accountable for this too. And did the credit card company not notify the cardholder "hey this amount is above x.x.x. money, did you make this purchase?"

Credit card charge limits need to be approved by the card holder before such a thing... unless these parents are wealthy and not very good at managing their card accounts.

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