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Australia calls for regional fight against drug trade after executions


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BS politics as usual.

How many drug smugglers have (rightfully) been executed so far?

Where was the outrage then?

How about more effort from politicans to stamp out slavery? It's at an historical high, though the world looks the other way.

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saying the death penalty would not halt the illegal trade after Indonesia executed seven foreigners sparking international anger.

It clearly worked for China. If it was up to these limp-wristed populists, China would still be full of opium addicts.

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The whole hand-wringing dogma that has accompanied this incident is a disgrace. There are signs in Bali that tell you the penalties for drug smuggling. Indonesia is a sovereign state which should be allowed to implement its laws as it sees fit. What was different this time? Will the same politicians and bleeding hearts attend the funerals of the junkies that OD in Kings Cross? These chaps were convicted drug smugglers, both being individuals that harassed, intimidated and black-mailed a number of others to join them in the attempted importation of drugs into Australia. The people they duped are also behind bars in Indonesia.

Furthermore, perhaps the biggest disgrace of all was the grandstanding by the Australian Prime Minister, who hinted that Australia would not come to Indonesia's aid the next time there was a major disaster in the country. Are you serious?

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Legalise drugs is the only way to deal with all this hypocrisy.

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Capital punishment is barbaric.

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Indonesia has some of the harshest drug laws in the world and 30 people die everyday over there due to illegal drugs? Doesn't sound like a successful policy to me! I spent time in Bali, drugs were readily available. Now islamist parties in Indonesia want to ban alcohol as well around most of the country. Whats next, death penalty for brewing beer? Shame on the Australian police who tipped off the Indonesian authorities about this affair, they have blood on their hands. They could have at least arrested them in Australia. Legalise drugs, problem solved. The main side effect of legal, carefully prescribed heroin is constipation but that is too much for all the anti drug brigade because they are all full of xxxx

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War on Drugs, Asian-style

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Jail the users. They arent going to use inside and so there will be nomarket for the drugs and the value of them will drop and nobody will bother trafficking. Simples. The users have to take some responsibility too.

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Jail the users.

Yeah! We could call it 'The War on Drugs'! I have no doubt it would be entirely successful.

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There is only one enemy in "The War on Drugs." SELLERS. Capture, try immediately, execute. Jail are suppose to rehabilitate people. It is also a place where drug deals on the outside can safely be done. Does anyone really think that when cartel lord is arrested that drug shipments stop? There is always someone to take the position, but at least #1 is not serving time in prison. He/she is DEAD.

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Have you ever seen the stats on drug use in jails? As for the death sentence you might uphold China as an example but would you call their legal system and social contract something we should aspire to? A more relevant exemplar would be the USA, but in some state some (mostly poor racial minority) innocents have spent years on death row and been executed - essentially psychologically tortured and murdered by the state as well as unfairly demonised as criminals. If there's 150% proof in the case of a serial killer or other dangerous type I can see the appeal of capital punishment but otherwise it is dodgy. I would prefer giving someone a life of labour in which they contribute to the local economy over the death sentence by firing squad of volunteers. If just one convicted person is innocent, capital punishment makes us murderers.

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Much as I'm not a fan of the Chinese government in general, their attitude to drug users (not dealers) is exemplary. They hugely emphasise rehabilitation rather than demonization. All the focus is on help, not punishment. The West could learn a lot.

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The "war on drugs" is a sham. Prohibition in the U.S. proved that as long as there is demand, there will be supply. Either legalize and regulate drugs, or jail the users as well as the sellers. Anything else is a waste of money and manpower.

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If you want to dance, you gota' pay the fiddler. I say the executions=justice.

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Its all about politics and standing tall and taking the hard line. That apparently makes you more nationally popular. I have some dear Indonesian friends and I will not even bring up this topic because I think the population and legal/political system are far removed.

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In the Indonesian drug trade the dealers in death are, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, none other than the Indonesian army and police, powerful businessmen with political connections and enablers who work in immigration. What use is the death penalty against these drug kingpins? Yep, I thought so - NO COMMENT from the clever dicks whose bloodlust or naivety blinds them to the reality of MONEY, POWER and CORRUPTION!. Who'da thunk it?

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