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Australia can become food superpower for Asia: PM


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Australia can also become energy super-power... via concentrated solar power.

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yeah right-fishing anyone?

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She is right, but It won't work while discriminatory tariffs are in place, to placate those farmers who are on huge government subsidies, who fear losing them in a free trade area policy.

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Oh well , we all can wait and see how this will turn out.. food superpower controlled by China and other Asian countries , perhaps?

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I recall the ads "Australia the clever country" but I have since realized that digging dirt up, selling it to other countries then buying it back as cars etc is really not clever at all, so unless the Govt gets some ideas to give the manufacturing sector, or any other sector a hand they will never be a superpower in any thing except digging.

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By mistake, she only forgot to mention that, taking into consideration food style and culture, the only country in Asia that Australia will be competing with is the United States. And it seems that even the US is losing its teeth to trying crack open the Japanese food market. It was a good slogan, but she can forget about it altogether. Less troubles during elections.

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Before we get carried away with big shiny hopes of becoming a food super power for Asia, can we please get the basics back pat and have the National Food Plan completed and put in place!

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