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Australia charges first person under foreign interference law

By Kirsty Needham

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Beijing took offense at the Australian political debate over the interference laws.

Gee. I wonder why. SMEH

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BigYenToday  04:12 pm JST

A federal police statement did not give details about which foreign state the 65-year-old man was accused of acting for.

The Australian newspaper is reporting the man's name and that he has ties with the CCP.

Didn't even read past the headline and figured this would be the case!

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Knew this was concerning the Chinese about 0.3 seconds into reading the headline

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If I were an Australian in China I would be looking over my shoulder from now on.


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If I were an Australian in China, I wouldn’t be in China!

After the kerfuffle with Australian journalists I would have read the tea leaves, packed up my camel and departed forth with.

It is about time the test of the Democratic worked took a leaf out of Australia’s book and made it a crime. Also persistent diplomatic “wolf warrior” offenders should be declared persona non grata.

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Bother, test = rest!

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Worked = world!

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Foreign Interference Law is something that China needs desperately. Not just to stop the Hong Kong separatist movement funded by America, but also to put an end to the overt interference in Chinese domestic affairs by foreign countries, in particular United States.

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It is good to see Australia defending its sovereignty. Looking forward to that happening again over here in the States, after the next inauguration.

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So must CHINA.

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Might be an idea to look into US influence/spies as well.

(obvs. not all US and Chinese in Oz)

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@Ego Sum Lux Mundi

Knew this was concerning the Chinese about 0.3 seconds into reading the headline

yeah, not much of a surprise considering that the relationship between China and Australia has really deteriorated as of late. With outright sanctions being done on the Chinese side as well.

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@englisc aspyrgend

If I were an Australian in China, I wouldn’t be in China!

Sure, assuming of course you had that as a realistic option. Lotta people are over there for either business or diplomatic reasons. Not exactly all that easy to be able to back out of those.

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Duong holds senior positions in a number of Chinese community associations in the state of Victoria, including the Oceania Federation of Chinese Australians, and the Chinese Museum, according to organisation records seen by Reuters, websites and press statements.

I'm gonna therefore say he's working on behalf of....

Moldavia. Or perhaps Guyana.

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