Australia commits to Pacific islands defense training as China seeks rival meeting

By Kirsty Needham

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Encouraging to see the Australians taking a leadership role in trying to ensure that smaller free nations are supporting each other rather than being pulled into a very lopsided agreement with an autocratic nation that has shown it's propensity to bully smaller nations into only seeing things their way.  Other free nations need to also step up their efforts in this regard. It is critical for long term regional security and stability to ensure these small nations remain free and able to exercise their rights to determine their own futures without undue pressure from the regional CCP ruled behemoth, China.

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Well done Australia. Provide a better deal that keeps the soveriegn rights of the small Pacific nations in tact and help them with what they determine they need going into the future for survival of climate change, economic prosperity, infrastructure construction and to train their own security forces and help them if asked to suppliment their security. Not based on recognition of China but simply an all inclusive regional agreement for all Pacific nations.

Other nations should support Australia in it's initiative, through funding assistance and economic trade deals.

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a bit too late mates,China is well ahead of you.

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Hearting to see OZ and NZ stand up and support these smaller players, BUT OZ and NZ are not enough to take on China.

Again, we need a CANZUK alliance that sees Canada, OZ, NZ and the UK allied together as one Supranational group. Open borders, complete tariff free trade, future customs union (if possible and desired by a majority of all 4) and a united military- A CANZUK military. Even the UK, the strongest of the 4 militarily and economically, cannot take on China alone. And its about time the CANZUK nations wean themselves off the US nipple and start fending for themselves. A CANZUK economic, political and military alliance would be a formidable player on the world stage, and would serve as yet another democratic superpower that can lend support to the US and the EU when needed.

With Canada and the UK backing them up, OZ and NZ would be able to push back Chinese aggression. And make no mistake, we will have to. United we stand. Divided we fall.

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You don’t need a billion people if you have the moral imperative. The world will decide for itself what’s right and act accordingly. Some positive moves on show right here.

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a bit too late mates,China is well ahead of you.

Actually, they are way behind. NZ and Australia have been supporting the Pacific nations for the past 50 years. With China deciding to take an interest in those nations that recognize it diplomatically (lucky for those who dont), and have recently tried to up their game in the Chinese way of total control and subservience to China. They start a long way behind the goodwill that 5 decades of support that has been provided grants, and which will increase now that China has tried to get control and access to the region. This is actually good for NZ and Australia to keep their eye on the ball and take nothing for granted, and good for the additional help the Pacific nations will get in the bargain.

China is late to the table and starts well behind with no built up trust and long personal associations that NZ and Australia have in the region with all the nations.

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Just reading elsewhere about the collapse in the Laos economy, where more than half the public debt is owed to China. Sri Lanka too can attribute some of its economic woes to the Chinese debt trap. Maybe that’s convincing some of the Pacific island nations to think again when it comes to getting too close to China.

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