Australia compromises on 'backpacker tax'


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Good decision for both the local economy AND backpackers themselves.

Now that it's fixed, let's hope the govt looks closely at what's happening at those farms & factories where many foreign backpackers are being exploited by farmers and 'work agencies'.

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is there any age limit on this? might like to try a working trip to Australia and see what its all about...

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While Japan levies 20% tax on all wages earned under working holiday visas here...

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Will they get any benefits like medical and retirement. I know Japan just takes their money and gives a deportation slip as soon as they catch them. Why would anyone go to a place where they take your money and give you nothing. The wages are low and bad working conditions. And all they receive is a give me money. Well they will stop coming and the crops will rot on the trees and in the fields. I hope they demand a 50 percent increase in pay to cover the taxes. Glad they are not on a border next to the USA as then we would have more illegals. Australia, New Zealand and Japan are the lucky ones as they are Island nations no land borders. hope their low wage earners like to pick in the fields. Again as everywhere punish the little guy for the rich farmers and land owners. The REVOLUTION is Coming and they will meet their fate and it will not be healthy.

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My thoughts those on working holidays should only pay minimal taxes or a levie so they can have medicare and ambulance coverage if hurt during their visit working here.

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