Australia delays fighter jet project to save money


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Food for thought for Jgovt in this...?

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The JTF is a white elephant already. Technology and techniques to counter it's stealth capabilities are already active in Russia and soon in China. The costs keep going up and the plane hasn't even been close to operational. Perhaps Australia should buy a different plane, since the JTF will be even more expensive two years from now and who knows if it will be ready for production at that time. The F-22 is good, but even it has it's quirks with the skin and oxygen generator problems. Stealth is effective only when taking on capably inferior adversaries, probably not so effective against more sophisticated, full spectrum air defense systems and techniques.

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As a taxpayer in Japan, I hope the Japanese government follows suit and dumps this F35 project. They can still buy American planes, there are others that work, are available now, and have a known price tag.

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its coz the election is coming up and the lady PM is battered on the polls

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